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Latest version, 3.7 here. Copy the folders "bin" and "XV2PATCHER" to the main root of DB Xenoverse 2 installation. On a default Steam installation, that would be "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DB Xenoverse 2". The pack contains stages that are usually non-selectable/non.playable, and which can be played upon installation ->. Current stages included: Conton City, Conton City (frieza siege version), Earth from an Unknown Time, Frieza's Spaceship, Frieza's Spaceship (damaged), Frieza's Spaceship (space background), Frieza's Spaceship (time rift), Inside Whis's Staff, Toki Toki City - Plaza of Time, Toki Toki City - Plaza of Time (night), Toki Toki City - Timemachine Port, Toki Toki City Ruins, West City Ruins (day time), World of Mind Control. Download version 0.9 here. Download version 2.0 here. Before describing what iggy_as3_test is, it is better to describe what it is not. iggy_as3_test IS NOT an iggy->swf or swf->iggy tool. iggy_as3_test is a tool that can extract the ActionScript3 code of an iggy file, and put it into a dummy .swf that can be used for analysis/modification of the code. Optionally, the actionscript3 code can be saved instead to a pure ActionScript3 bytecode file (.abc extension). iggy_as3_test can also inject back the AS3 code from an .swf or .abc file into an existing iggy, and that's its main function. In case it wasn't yet clear: my tool only operates on the actionscript3 code, not on the gui objects of the flash. It is a cpk extractor, which unlike CripakTools and cpktools, it supports all current files of the game. It can be used with its gui, or you can drag and drop files into the exe. You can drag and drop multiple files, and the tool will extract one cpk after another. It is a tool that can "xmlize" some binary files into readable xml, and then convert the xml back to a binary. Usage is simply: drop a binary file, it will generate an xml. Drop and xml, it will generate a binary file. Currently supported Xenoverse 2 formats are: read file supported_format.txt inside the .zip. Cycit is a tool to customize the npc citizens of Conton City. It is also able to convert them into x2m clones. xv2savdec is a tool to decrypt and re-encrypt Xenoverse 2 save files (DBXV2.sav). Drag a .sav file into the program, and it will create a ".sav.dec" file with the decrypted content. Drag a .sav.dec, and it will create an encrypted .sav file. xv2savown is to change the "Steam ownership" of the save. Saves in DBXV2 are protected per Steam account. If you drag a sav of someone else to this exe, and you enter your Steam ID 64 (important, it must be the 64 one!!), you will be able to use that save.