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Hello guests, a lot of you are wondering how to install mods on xenoverse 2.

So we are here to answer that question. First and foremost, most file types and structures are back for this installment so modders are currently working hard to provide new modding tools and tutorials to help you out 🙂. You will need to download the Tools. To use the cpk patcher, please follow these instructions:.

Video Tutorial by The Mad Titan –. Simplified instructions for advanced users –. Copy the files to the “DB Xenoverse 2” folder in \steamapps\common.

Create a folder named “data” in \steamapps\common\DB Xenoverse 2.

Drag any mods you have downloaded into this data folder.

Note: if a mod contains both a “data” folder and a “data2” folder, it is safe to assume that the contents are intended to be packed with CRIpack.

However the patcher takes priority over all CPK files, so the contents of both “data” and “data2” should be moved to the patcher’s data folder.

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XV2 Patcher v3.

Zarama xv2 mod patreon.

XV2 Mods Installer is a program to install new character, skil and costumel mods (it may be expanded on the future).

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Download version 0.1 here.

XV2 Mods Installer is a program to install new character mods (it may be expanded on the future).

XV2 Mods Installer comes with ..

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and read every step..if u fail at one the mods will probably won't work, k enough talk.

:zap: Step 1- Install Tools.

XV2 Patcher · XV2 Installer.

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to manage your mods you will need to download and set up FFXIV TexTools.

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I did not buy the game but downloaded from online and incapable of ever updating.

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After completing the Installation steps you can start using Steamworks.

XV2 Mods InstallerNov 19, 2016 12:11:55 GMTVal E Ryon, Sol Negro, and235 morelike this.

Download version 3.7 here.

XV2 Mods Installer is a program to install new character, skil and costumel mods (it may be expanded on the future).

XV2 Mods Installer comes with four programs inside: the package creator (character), the package creator (skill), the package creator (costumes) and the package installer.

The package creators can be used to create (and edit existing) packages.

The installer will actually install the package in the game.

If you have an original game, my program should be able to find out the requirements on its own and won't bother you.

Otherwise, the program will prompt you to locate the file DBXV2.exe (make sure that DBXV2.exe you choose is from the bin folder and no anywhere else).

Advice: use the tools->associate x2m extension to register the extension with this program and the creator.

After you do that, you will be able to install x2m mods with double click, and edit them with righ click->edit.

Information about the internals of the program.

This program reads and writes data in the game directory.

For reading, this program acts as if it was the game running xv2patcher: it first tries to locate files in loose files, otherwise it search for them in the cpk's, by following the same cpk priority than the game.

For writing, the program always write to loose files, cpk's are never writed to.

Usually, the program grabs all data from game (like current cms, cus, etc).

Slots information are kept at data/XV2P_SLOTS.x2s.

Most of times this happens because some manual modding/edit left a dead id in some system file (cso, psc, cus, aur, etc).

Fix: run the installer normally, go to Tools->Find dead id's.

The program will scan system files for dead id's.

Click Yes to rvery question to delete them.

Retry the install of your mod now.

Increased amount of shots in the second volley by 2x

Punisher Shield:

Kick and Blast now ignores super armour

Powered Shell:

Damage increased by 33%

Raid Blast:

Damage increased by 65%

Savory Slicer:

No longer decreases movement speed while the enemy is knocked back

Kairos Cannon:

Damage increased by 30%

Always uses its empowered version

Burning Shot:

Damage increased by 50%

Ultimate Skills:

Full Power Energy Blast Volley:

Blasts always have homing properties

Spirit Ball:

Hitstun has been increased

The ball is 2x faster

Neo Tri-Beam:

Now deals all its damage in 1 hit rather than 3 hits

Firing speed increased by 50%

One-Handed Kamehameha:

Damage increased by 2x

Added tired animation after the attack

Super Black Kamehameha:

Damage increased by 15%

Instant Severance:

Now ignores guard and super armour

Burning Spin:

Movement now has homing properties

Knockback significantly reduced

Damage significantly reduced

Increased hitbox size of the final hit

Adjusted camera during the attack

God Punisher:

Damage increased by 50%

Evasive Skills:

Fake Blast:

Reverted nerf to recovery upon stunning an enemy

Rolling Bullet:

Projectile hitbox increased by 20%

Now has homing properties

Spread Shot Retreat:

Hitstun has been increased