Xenoverse 2 Mod Installer Download

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We’ve had a bit of a golden age for Dragon Ball games. And Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is among the most unique titles in recent years.

7. Dragon Ball Super – Manga Pack

A great way to make this game even better (and keep it fresh after playing it for weeks) is experimenting with mods. And trust me, there’s a lot out there. Whether it’s a fix, a cheat, a new character, or an entire overhaul, our comprehensive list covers all the best Xenoverse 2 mods worth checking out. Keep in mind that modding XV2 is a bit harder than other games, so if you’re having trouble (especially after a major update) this video is sure to help. Let’s start with the most basic mod you could need – All Characters and Stages Unlocked. As the name suggests, this mod by Becks7 simply allows you to access every single unlockable character and stage without having to meet any of the requirements. It’s especially useful if you lost your save file, or if you just want to dive right into No-Level Matches. Keep in mind that you may need to clear at least one tutorial mission in the Story Mode for this mod to work. I’ve been a Sony fanboy for my entire life. Which means I generally use my DualShock PS4 controller as a gamepad for my PC games as well. If you do the same, you’ll love the PlayStation buttons mod. It replaces the in-game button representations for the classic square, cross, circle, and triangle. Ideal if you’re having trouble learning the combos due to the confusing Xbox-centric symbols, or to stop feeling like a second-class citizen due to your gamepad preferences. It’s also great to mess with your friends who play XV2 on PS4 by showing screenshots of your modded “PS4” game, which is actually tough as nails. They’ll go nuts. As I said, I love Sony. And the design of the new PS5 is the kind of futuristic nonsense I love to see. I also love the memes surrounding the black and white console. This mod by Calikingz01 plays into the meme by giving Perfect Cell a complete makeover based on what would happen if he absorbed a PS5. It features a black and white color scheme with glowing blue highlights, just like Sony’s next-gen console. And he even has the new DualSense on his back for added effect. It’s pretty silly, but I’m sure lots of you will appreciate this ridiculous mod. Speaking of ridiculous things, have you ever wondered how Saitama from One Punch Man would fare against DBZ characters? Thanks to modder group The Beyonders and their Saitama character mod, you can find out. Not only does he look just like he does in the show, but he has custom skills, including a Serious Punch Ultimate Skill. As a bonus, you can also tap in friend/rival Genos in the middle of a fight. If you liked this mod, you’ll be happy to find out that The Beyonders also have a mod to add Mob Psycho 100’s protagonist Shigeo Kageyama to XV2.