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Part 2. Top 5 Macro Mouse Recorder to Record Mouse and Keyboard Clicks

Automating your computer and PC operations is one of the things that gives you the greatest satisfaction, especially because it can help reduce the time needed to perform specific operations or repetitive actions.

In this article we will analyze the best software that can help you to record mouse and keyboard and repeat actions so as to save time and let the computer work for us in repetitive operations.

  • Among these programs there is MouseKey Recorder, a sensationally free Windows tool without limitations, easy to use and incredibly useful for recording and repeating movements, mouse clicks and beats on the computer keyboard. Here is our list of the best 5 software to record mouse and keyboard actions. MouseKey Recorder is the first software on the list because it represents one of the simplest and most practical solutions to record a “macro”.
  • A macro is basically a set of procedures that are recorded and then reproduced automatically. With MouseKey Recorder it is possible to record any repetitive activity done on the computer and then reproduced (even infinte times) when and how you want. It is really simple to use and there are no complex configurations to do.
  • The recorded macro can be imported into the program and played back at any time. You can define the number of repetitions and/or schedule the macro to start at a certain time and day (for example at night). Here is a small video tutorial that shows how MouseKey Recorder works:.

Mouse Recorder for Windows - RobotSoft Mouse and Keyboard Recorder

If you need to click the same button every minute or if you have to copy and paste, if you always have to send the same reply at predefined intervals, and for other things that can cause carpal tunnel in the wrist paralyzing the hand, you can use the program Free Mouse Auto Clicker.

This tool can be used to repeat mouse clicks or double clicks at a point on the screen.