Uns 1 Fms Trainer

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FMS on REAL UNS-1 Keypad
  1. Uns 1 Fms Trainer Training
  2. Uns 1 Fms Trainer
FMS Running in Windows Desktop Mode

UNS-1 FMS Simulation (V1.2)

This high fidelity UNS-1 FMS simulation is compatible with most small/medium Jet and turboprop aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3d. This is not a panel gauge that is run inside the simulator, but is a completely stand-alone program. This can be run on your windows desktop, or one of our REAL FMS keypads.

The UNS-1 FMS was introduced by Universal Avionics back in 1982; since then, the company has continually updated the product. The latest versions offer a 12-channel WAAS-compatible GPS receiver, per-pilot and per-company stored routes, full VNAV, fuel management.

  • Since introducing the industry’s first multi-sensor FMS (the UNS-1) in 1982, Universal Avionics has continually taken the industry forward with a pilot-focused vision of flight management. Today’s SBAS-capable FMSs build upon the company’s popular market proven product design, offering more advanced features and interfaces, and a growth path to meet the requirements of the future.
  • Short video showing basic FMS functions. This version of the FMS will fly a HNAV and VNAV plan!
  • The MPS FMS trainer is a complete system with hardware and software. It operates as a standalone FMS linked to a desktop for free-play and full functionality. Types of pilot training an FMS trainer is used for. An FMS trainer’s main use is for the initial part of Type Rating.
  • UNS-1E, UNS-1Esp, UNS-1F and UNS-1L generation Flight Management Systems. Upgrade improvements for the UNS-1C, 1D, and 1K are also available, allowing these systems to use the 80X series software. Most of the software improvements allow these FMS’s to work with new avionics technology and are transparent to the operator.


  • Does not use MSFS/P3D flight Planner, create, edit, and fly your flightplan right from the FMS!
  • Plug and play with Arduino based FMS Keypad
  • Holding Patterns (beta)
  • Fuel Entry
  • Performance analysis (beta)
  • Precision Approaches (RNAV, RNP)
  • ILS Approaches
  • VNAV (coming soon)
  • Database available from Navigraph.com
  • Nav database lookup
  • Dual FMS (coming soon)
  • Includes new MFD which displays FMS flight plans


FMS Software Download

(Installation Requires Purchase)


FMS Demo Download

  • Requires FSUIPC
  • Only functional within 60nmi of KICT Airport

Uns 1 Fms Trainer Training


Uns 1 Fms Trainer