Turtle Beach Tac Driver

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Having both the PS4 and Xbox One, I decided to look into a alternative to the Astro Mixamp TR as I didn't want to purchase one of each since the new TR models are console specific.

The Turtle Beach Tac on sale for $150 is only $20 more than the Astro Mixamp yet works on both. I know that you can actually use the Mixamp TR on both consoles if you put it into pc mode when using the console it's not designed for.

I tried that and the Audio works fine but chat doesn't. The tac on the other hand works great for game audio and chat. Granted you have to plug a 3.5mm cable in for chat on the Xbox One but that cable is included. Sound wise, after testing back and forth with my current Mixamp TR I find the tac to sound slightly better and have better positional audio.

In shooters you can pinpoint gunshots and footsteps a little better. It's true though that the Mixamp is louder as I typically have my mixamp at 50% volume but have the tac at about 60-65% to be comparable. I do love the back little features on the tac as its helpful when playing in low light.

USB Chat/Audio InterfaceUSB for Power and/or Analog Only
When Connected, Generic Drivers Will InstallWhen Connected, No Drivers Will Install

Also having all the chat features right at your fingertips via the sliders is a great feature. To do any customization on the mixamp you need to go to the Astro Command Center on your pc which is just an unnecessary additional step in my opinion.

Also if you have a higher ohm audiophile headset you may want the Mixamp instead based on the tac lower power. I alternate between my Philips Fidelio X2 and Audio Technica AD700X headsets which are lower ohm 30 and 38 respectively and the tac drives them perfectly.

Great mixamp alternative in my opinion but not at its typical $199 price tag.

Les casques compatibles avec les PC Turtle Beach issus d'amplificateurs / émetteurs USB ne nécessitent pas de pilotes USB séparés fournis par Turtle Beach pour fonctionner sur un PC.

Si le casque oreillette utilise une connexion USB pour la sortie / entrée audio, les pilotes USB génériques pour le casque doivent être installés automatiquement.

  • Cela peut prendre quelques minutes, après quoi le casque sera disponible dans les paramètres de son.
  • Si le casque ne nécessite qu'une connexion USB pour l'alimentation (ou se connecte uniquement à une prise casque), aucun pilote ne sera installé car le PC ne reconnaîtra pas le casque comme un périphérique audio individuel.
  • Votre PC ne doit détecter qu'un périphérique est branché sur la prise casque.
  • Veuillez consulter le tableau ci-dessous pour voir si votre casque utilise uniquement des connexions analogiques ou reçoit de l'audio via USB:.