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How to Use TokoVOIP with FiveM?

All community members will need to download the 64 or 32 bit version of the Sonoran Radio TeamSpeak plugin.

Don't know which one to click? Download both and try them out, you will see the error below if it's not the correct version:. Download the plugin by clicking the links above. Make sure your TeamSpeak is completely closed. Open the installer by double-clicking the download, click Install, then click Yes in both popups.

¶ 2. Install the Plugin

Open TeamSpeak back up and make sure you have the plugin installed and starteda. This can be checked in Tools -> Options -> Addons. Download the plugin using the the links above. Rename the file from SonoranRadio_winxx.ts3_plugin to

Open the zip file with favorite archive opener (i.e. Make sure TeamSpeak is completely closed. Drag all contents of the plugins folder in the archive to %AppData%\TS3Client\plugins. Open TeamSpeak back up and make sure you have the plugin installed and starteda.

This can be checked in Tools -> Options -> Addons. When a new update for Sonoran Radio is detected, the plugin will automatically prompt you saying that there is a new update. It is recommended that you install the update ASAP as it can include critical bug fixes.

¶ 1. Download the Plugin

Virtual ServerChannelClient/User

If you wish to receive early-access updates while helping make Sonoran Radio more stable, you can enable Canary Builds in the Settings menu.

These builds are not guaranteed to be stable. Some users may be missing a required C++ redistributable on their PC.

¶ Manual Install Instructions (Advanced)

Plugin failed to load: failed to open plugin.: -834026130 (minimum 23, current: 25). You can download and install this package from Microsoft. The Sonoran Radio plugin is not compatible with the Task Force Arma 3 radio TeamSpeak plugin.

It must be disabled or removed for Sonoran Radio to work properly. TeamSpeak servers configured to use both Sonoran Radio and SAPR will cause compatibility issues. SAPR must be disabled or removed for Sonoran Radio to work properly on that server specifically. Download the Plugin2.

Install the PluginManual Install Instructions (Advanced)Important NotesAuto-updateCanary BuildsC++ RedistributableTask Force RadioSan Andreas Police Radio (SAPR). TokoVOIP is one of the essential tools that come as a TeamSpeak plugin, and you have to use it with a FiveM script. By using this Plugin, you can add a radio system and custom proximity chat to the FiveM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Further, the TokoVOIP Plugin includes radio effects as well with the support of the RadioFX Plugin. FiveM is one of the best modification applications available for GTA V that allow you to turn on multiplayer mode on customized dedicated servers.

So, the Toko VOIP is one of the best enhancement tools for the FiveM program that gives you many features apart from the default FiveM features.

TokoVOIP Features (Review)

The primary feature of the TokoVOIP Plugin is to provide you with an alternative voice chat option to FiveM. This is a great way to enhance your default FiveM voice chat feature.

  • Because TokoVOIP plugin has the ability to provide you with much better audio quality as well as more control to the users. Below are some of the detailed features of this VOIP application.
  • Proximity-based audio is one of the most interesting features of this Plugin as it can neutralize the increased bass or low-frequency responses when the source of the sound is close to the microphone.

This helps in many cases as it avoids disturbance with audio sources. The directional audio feature in the TokoVOIP Plugin makes it easier for the users as it reduces the voice spread compared to default voice settings.

This client-sided TeamSpeak plugin has some of the other benefits like Radio effects, radio calls, radio clicks, Radio system, and so on.

How to Download and Install TokoVOIP TeamSpeak Plugin?

In simple words, the TokoVOIP TeamSpeak plugin works as below. When you TS join a channel while the script is running in the background and you are in the game, you will see that your TS name will change.

After that, you will be directed to a configured game channel, and then you will be able to handle the audio of other players. Firstly, you have to download the ws-server, fivem script, and ts3 plugin in order to set up the TokoVOIP Plugin.

Apart from that, you will have to install the TeamSpeak 3 and TokoVOIP plugin on it. You can download all the above-mentioned installer files from the download section of this website. Once you are done with the TokoVIOP plugin installation, you have to connect it with the FiveM server.

After that, you have to connect the Plugin with the TS3 server as well. Then, Join the right TS3 channel. Make sure that you are already in the game. Otherwise, the TS3 Plugin will not be connected. Further, the TS3 Plugin will automatically try to connect if the TS3 channel name that you are going to join is ‘tokovoip’.

Download TokoVOIP Plugin

Moreover, you have the option to change these settings as you wish. So that, you can set it up to connect automatically, manually, or disconnect.

Once you have downloaded the ws-server, you have to extract it to your FiveM folder. Then open “ws_server/config.js” and then change the “TSServer” to your IPv4 TeamSpeak server.

After that, you have to open “ws_server” in your FiveM server console. Finally, you have to copy “IP:PORT” in your TeamSpeak console and, after that, “Listening on” and save it. Once you have downloaded the TokoVOIP script, you have to extract it to the FiveM resource folder. After that, open “tokovoip_script/c_config.lua” and then edit the “wsServer” with the “IP:PORT” that you have already copied in WS – Server setup guide.

So then, you can edit “TSChannel,” and you can match that with your TeamSpeak configurations. Finally, you have to open “s_config.lua” and then add then rename the channel as “tokovoip” on your TeamSpeak server.

Application Package Information

Further, you can set up WS-Servers as a standalone server as a NodeJS application if you want.

Moreover, you can have this standalone server on the same machine as your FiveM server or on another machine.

TokoVOIP is a plugin that is developed based on WebSockets. This Plugin works in a way by sending the In-Game Data through the WebSockets to your TS3 Plugin.

The reason why we use ws-server is that FiveM does not allow WebSockets running on local servers. Usually, TS3 does not know on which FiveM server that you are currently sitting on. The final objective of this process is to facilitate the TokoVOIP Plugin by handshaking fivem WebSocket and ts3 WebSocket successfully.