Teamspeak Plugin To Play Music

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Download Winamp’s newest installer and install it on your computer so you can play music while listening to TeamSpeak. You can install Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) by clicking here. Navigate to the Windows search bar, select System Config, then choose Configuration System in the window. The Tools tab will be selected.

Navigate to UAC Settings, then click Change Settings.

Launch your application.

  • Play Spotify songs on TeamSpeak by uploading them to AudFun Spotify Music converter and downloading them.
  • In Step 2 of TeamSpeak customizing Spotify Audio Parameters is the next step.
  • To convert Spotify songs to make TeamSpeak, follow these three steps.
  • On TeamSpeak, play Spotify songs.
  • To launch Soundboard once you enter a channel, click Plugins > RP Soundboard > Open Soundboard.

You can add a song file to the plugins by right-clicking a button and choosing “Choose song file.”.

  • Select the file in your directory, click Open, and continue. Your channel can now be played with the audio file by left-clicking on the button. Your computer should now be configured to Winamp.

The Tools tab will be selected. Settings to change the UAC are listed under Change Settings on the UAC page. Click on Launch to launch your device.