Teamspeak Music Plugin

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Now playing Download now (free) powered by 4Netplayers. Category:MiscellaneousDate:25 Oct 2012Version:0.15.2295 (API: License: Non-CommercialCompatibility: TS3Hits:13163Rating:. Download description:"Hey, which music do you listen to while you are gaming?" That is annoying. The Now Playing plugin that listens if you are listening to music and fades, accordingly, a small field in the info box with the currently running song, provides assistance.

Supports Music Player:- Winamp- VLC- Foobar2000*- MediaMonkey- Aimp2- Google Music (look in the readme.txt for further information)- Spotify- Spider Player- Windows Media Player** requires additional plugin/additional settings, please look in the Plugin folder after the installation.

There is a readme.txt" there.InstallationDouble-click on the plugin and TeamSpeak will open for installation.UseMake changes, where necessary, at the top of the menu bar under Plugins > Now playing.If further adjustments should be made, go into the Teamspeak Configuration folder (bottom left on Start, "% AppData% S3Client" box and enter) and adjust the "now_playing_plugin.ini" file.

  • How this works is in the readme.txt in the Teamspeak 3 plugins folder.
  • Looking for a bot? Header over to the SinusBot Website. Du sprichst deutsch?
  • Diese Seite ist zu großen Teilen auch auf deutsch verfügbar.
  • integrated minimal web-interface.
  • ingame buttons via Overwolf. Listen to music with your friends, make funny noises & such.

Plays mp3, wave, ogg, aiff files; also play aac/m4a and flac files via plugins.

  • Plays shoutcast/icecast streams or files directly via http. Sync to Winamp (using playlists) - Windows only. Remote-Control via passworded commands. Remote-Control via UDP messages.

doesn't require a dedicated TeamSpeak instance. works on Windows, Linux & Mac. new: brings a dummy device for machines without soundcards.