Teamspeak 3 Music Bot

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The TS3 Music bot is a unique bot, which you can use to play music (radio streams, music files, Youtube videos, etc.) at your Teamspeak 3 server. Listen to music together with your friends while you play.

Disk space 5 - 25 GB
Traffic Unlimited
Can be used with any teamspeak 3 server
Listen to music files and live internet radio stations
Upload any kind of media files
Direct playback of youtube, soundcloud and other links
Full FTP access
I Love Radio preinstalled streams
Monthly cost from 5,00 EUR
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Overview of all functions

  • Instant activation thanks to our prepaid system - no waiting time
  • No contract - no minimum term
  • No bond - change at any time between all available services
  • All servers on one nitrado-account manageable
  • Donation System - money can be donated between nitrado-accounts,
  • Stand-by-Mode - Server will not be deleted immediately. It can be reactivated within 7 days with all settings and data.

  • Immediate charging by: paysafecard, instant bank transfer (online banking), PayPal, credit card and Skrill.
  • Charging by bank transfer (credit within 2-3 business days), phone (mobile and landline).

  • ESL Premium Certified game server
  • GameCloud - including Game Switching (over 100 games)
  • Free MySQL database
  • Optional password for the game server
  • Premium Traffic

  • Several daily automatic restarts can be set
  • User Management - multiple sub-users can be set for a server
  • Access to the MySQL database via phpMyAdmin
  • Config Editor

  • Quick and qualified support
  • Free e-mail-support
  • Hotline for landline-tarif (from germany)
  • Steadily growing Nitrado-Wiki
  • Community forum to exchange questions and problems

  • Daily backups for game server files and MySQL database
  • Automatic notification to technicians in case of failure by the server

  • Fast 500 Gbit uplink in Frankfurt am Main
  • Direct peerings with Deutsche Telekom, Telia Sonera, Tiscali, ...
  • Connection to DE-CIX, AMS-IX and LINX to allow international good pings
  • Use of high-quality server hardware

TS3 Bot - what you can do with it

The TS3MusicBot is a great software, which you can use to stream your favourite internet radio stations, set up playlists or even access YouTube videos directly and play them using a playlist. Become a DJ at your TS3 server and listen to the desired songs while playing, chatting or chilling at your own TS3 server. The music bot can be controlled using chat commands or the web interface. Via the web interface you may upload and manage music files. With commands radio streams, YouTube videos, Soundcloud links and much more can be played directly.

Rent a Teamspeak 3 music bot now at Nitrado, the leading provider in the Game Server and Rent Public Cloud Server / VPS sectors as well as application hosting. Nitrado operates an extraordinary system, which manages game servers und additional hosting applications according to a sophisticated procedure fully automated and dynamically in a cloud.

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