Teamspeak 2.3.1

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TeamSpeak is a cloud-based software that enables audio calling through the internet. TeamSpeak allows you to speak to multiple connections and is a professional software with high-quality video connections, and lets users speak with multiple connections in a group conference or individually.

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The program is a sophisticated web-based VOIP calling tool, that is ideal for professional conferences.

  • TeamSpeak is a high-quality voice over the internet program, which is an easy way to conduct voice calls for individual and multiple conferences.
  • A highly secure program, with low resource usage, Team Speak is a good option for professional conferences.

The good sound quality allows for seamless conversations and helps in hassle-free discussions, without getting buffered or stuck.

TeamSpeak Client3.1.4.2

It is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Linus. Some of the main features of TeamSpeak are the address book for handy management of multiple Team Speak servers, which act as a host to multiple client connections. A unique feature of TeamSpeak is that users can create multiple channels and sub-channels users, and can proceed to moderate channels when controlling large group meetings.

Another interesting feature is the Whisper functions, so one can speak privately to individuals or a group of people, or users in other channels. The entire functionality of TeamSpeak is flexible and more autonomous, and there are various features that allow for more specific conversations.

Program specification:

One can also become a TeamSpeak member. Added features on the TeamSpeak membership program, it is easier to sync serves and easy to set up the program across several devices.