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PowerBuilder has two kinds of online Help: HTML Help and WindowsHelp.

The Sybase.PowerBuilder.DataWindow.Excel12.dll file will be installed to the Windows GAC folder, for example, C:WindowsMicrosoft.NETassemblyGACMSILSybase.PowerBuilder. Installable Cloud Apps. Automatically convert existing client/server apps into installable cloud apps using PowerServer or rapidly develop new installable cloud apps using DataWindow technology. Sybase ase 12.0 free download. AseTune - Sybase ASE Performance Monitor Performance Monitor for SAP/Sybase ASE. Monitor/MDA tables are great, but there is a fair amount of. Thank you for your interest in evaluating PowerBuilder. PowerBuilder 12.6 is now available. While this version was originally announced as PowerBuilder 15, it has been renamed to PB 12.6 but contains exactly the same. Sybase powerbuilder free download - Toad for Sybase, Sybase ASE, SecureRecovery for Sybase.

About HTML Help

HTML Help contains several PowerBuilder books: this UsersGuide, Application Techniques, the DataWindowProgrammers Guide, Connecting to Your Database,and Deploying Applications and Components to .NET.

About Windows Help

Windows Help contains a list of new features in this release,context-sensitive Help, all the reference information in Objectsand Controls, the Connection Reference,the DataWindow Reference, and the PowerScriptReference, and Help for tools such as the Migration Assistantand the Profiling and DWSyntax tools.

Some Windows Help topics provide links to related topics inthe HTML Help.

Sybase Powerbuilder Download

Vista support for Windows HelpIf you or your users use the Windows Vista operating system,see “Using Windows Help files on Vista”.

Accessing Help

Table 1-8 liststhe ways you can access Help.

Table 1-8: Accessing online Help


What it does

Use the Help menu on the menu bar

Displays the Help contents, the What’sNew in PowerBuilder Help, or Help for the current painter.

In a wizard, click the Help button [?] inthe upper right corner of the window

The pointer displays with a questionmark so you can get context-sensitive Help. Point and click in afield you need Help on.

In the Properties view in a painter,select Help from the pop-up menu on any tab page

Displays a Help topic from which youcan get Help on the properties, events, and functions for the objector control whose properties are displaying in the Properties view.

Add a Help button to the PowerBar anduse it

Displays the Help contents.

Press F1

Displays the Help contents.

Press Shift+F1 in the Script viewor Function painter

Displays context-sensitive Help aboutthe function, event, or keyword under the cursor.

Select Help from the pop-up menu in theBrowser

Displays Help for the Browser or forthe selected object, control, or function.

Click the Help button in a dialog box

Displays information about that dialogbox.

Click the link to HTML Help icon in aWindows Help topic

Opens the HTML Help at the linked topic.

Sybooks CD and Web site

PowerBuilder books are also provided on the Sybooks CD andthe Sybase Product Manuals Web site. For more information, see “Other sources of information”.

Using Windows Help fileson Vista

WindowsVista does not distribute the WinHlp32.exe filerequired to open Windows Help files such as the pbhlp115.hlp fileused in PowerBuilder. To use .hlp files, youneed to download a special Vista version of WinHlp32.exe from the Microsoft Web site.

Compiled HTML Help (.chm) files are supported,but you need to edit the Windows registry to enable a Help macrothat supports links from the pbhlp115.hlp fileto the pbman115.chm file. If you do not editthe registry, the “For more information” linksat the bottom of many topics in the Windows Help display an error.

You also need to edit the registry if you need to run WindowsHelp files at a remote location on an intranet.

Registry reflection on 64-bit Windows64-bit versions of Windows use registry reflection to maintaina 32-bit registry view and a 64-bit registry view. On 64-bit Windows,configuration information related to 32-bit applications is storedin the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareWOW6432node registryhive.

To enable Windows Help macros and remote accesson Vista:

  1. Create the following registry key.

    On 32-bit Windows:

    On 64-bit Windows:

  2. Add a new DWORD value with the name AllowProgrammaticMacrosand the value 1.

  3. Add a new DWORD value with the name AllowIntranetAccessand the value 1.

You can also add this support by saving the following linesin Notepad to a file with the extension .reg andimporting it into the registry.

On 32-bit Windows:

On 64-bit Windows:

Sybase Powerbuilder Download

Microsoft prohibits the distribution of WinHlp32.exe withdeployed applications. If your application uses .hlp files,you should provide your users with instructions on how to download WinHlp32.exe.Links for downloading WinHlp32.exe are availableby searching for it on the Microsoft download site.

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Sybase Powerbuilder 12.5 Download

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