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As megahits-in-the-making such as Crash Bandicoot: Wanted, Tomb Raider, and Metal Gear Solid prepare to make their holiday rush, there's another PlayStation game that just might glide into your world--Spyro the Dragon.

  • Even in its early stages, Spyro is shaping up to be a primo platform adventure epic that appears to be trying to answer the question: just how pretty can a PlayStation game be?
  • As it did with Crash Bandicoot, Sony Computer Entertainment of America looks ready to score with another collaborative PlayStation development effort, this time with Insomniac Games and Universal Interactive Studios.
  • In preview form, Spyro the Dragon unveiled a wondrously mystical world, with smooth gameplay and animation that compelled you to pick up a Dual Shock controller just to watch the little guy move!
  • Playing as the plucky dragon cub, Spyro, you will be on a quest to free your fellow dragons from a nasty spell cast by an obnoxious gno-goodnik named Gnasty Gnorc.
  • Gnasty's transformed all dragons into crystal statues, which are scattered across six massive worlds.
  • You'll have to track down your crystallized homies, all 80 of whom are hidden in 30 geographically diverse areas.
  • The adventure covers the gamut of environments, including deserts, ice lands, and even underwater worlds.
Yet Spyro will have to find more than just his lost dragon brethren if he's going to get a crack at Gnasty. He'll have to defeat a wacked-out army of reptilian henchmen in order to recover pilfered jewels and retrieve stolen dragon eggs, too. According to Sony, if you find everything, you'll unlock a hidden level. When it comes to combat, Spyro will definitely be no flaggin' dragon. He'll be packing Gnorc-wupping power in his fiamethrowing breath and a headbutt that's practically unstoppable. He can also pull some slick moves, such as a long-distance power glide, a ram-chargin' run, and a variety of cool-looking body rolls. Spyro will be protected by his sidekick, Sparks the dragonfly, a sort of rechargeable insect shield that runs interference for him against the bad guys. Spyro, his moves, and his worlds were beautifully cast with gorgeous graphics and impressive sounds in the pre-release CD. The graphics in the early disc revealed a lush fantasy land that looked like something out of an animated feature film. The preview CD displayed Spyro with silky-smooth character graphics and cartoon-like animation. Moreover, speaking of animation-quality graphics, Insomniac and Universal not only had the game animation running at 30 frames per second, but they're also using a new compression technique that allows them to store twice as many frames of animation than normal. Spyro will also show off impressive proprietary graphics technology that enables the game designers to create amazingly smooth background textures for nicely detailed long-distance views. In the prelim CD, some jewels revealed their hiding places by the merest twinkle in a far-off hillside. During gameplay, you'll also be able to pull a few camera tricks, rotating the cam around Spyro 360 degrees and playing from any angle.