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Spyro Reignited Trilogy is an adventure game developed by Toys for Bob and published by Activision Publishing Inc.

  • The game is a remake of the first three Spyro games for the PlayStation.
  • It features highly-expressive charactermodels that make Spyro and the gang very relatable.
  • The level design and maps are also the same but were improved with modern graphics to match with most monitors and gaming systems today.
  • Players can choose between the original game soundtrack and the remastered soundtrack.
  • The original voice actors also came back to reprise their roles in this remake.
  • The game changes the control scheme and gameplay mechanics to match up with the modern gaming scene.
  • Release: 2019 Developer: Toys for bob iron galaxy.
Spyro reignited trilogy - Reissue of the real classic of platformers of the late 20th century, released on consoles. In the remaster, the graphics were completely reworked, the music, written by Steward Copeland, was re-recorded in the studio for release. Classic soundtrack is available for selection in the menu. The engine was chosen Unreal Engine 4, which gives a modern picture. The reissue contains the classic trilogy:. Spyro the Dragon - The Dragon Kingdom is in turmoil due to the attack of Gnasti Gnork. He turned all dragons into stone monuments, and the spell did not work on the protagonist because he was too young. Now an adventure awaits him in order to disenchant his fellows. - having entered a new dimension with the help of the portal, Spyro and Sparks became involved in the struggle of the fairies Zoe, Hunter, Professor and Elora against the evil sorcerer Ripto. At all locations you need to collect talismans to become stronger and fight enemies. Year of the Dragon - the "Year of the Dragon" has come, it happens once every 12 years, and at this time eggs appear with new representatives of ancient lizards. But an attack by the Witch and her henchman Bianca disrupts the celebration and steals all the eggs. Now Spyro has to save more than 120 little dragons and defeat the antagonists. Both old acquaintances and new ones will help with this: kangaroo Sheila, Agent-9, Yeti Bentley and so on.. The main character will be a little dragon named Spyro, with him will be his faithful friend - the dragonfly Sparks. The levels are most often linear, with several secret locations, gems are scattered on them, and enemies are constantly set on fire. By completing the goals of each game, new levels are opened with unique architecture and mini-games. Size: 23.41 GB.