Soundboard Teamspeak

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Looking for a bot? Header over to the SinusBot Website. Du sprichst deutsch? Diese Seite ist zu großen Teilen auch auf deutsch verfügbar. integrated minimal web-interface. ingame buttons via Overwolf. Listen to music with your friends, make funny noises & such. Plays mp3, wave, ogg, aiff files; also play aac/m4a and flac files via plugins.

Plays shoutcast/icecast streams or files directly via http.

Sync to Winamp (using playlists) - Windows only.

  • Remote-Control via passworded commands. Remote-Control via UDP messages.
  • Adjust the pitch of your voice (e.g. sound like a chipmunk or ogre).
  • doesn't require additional 3rd-party tools.
  • doesn't require a dedicated TeamSpeak instance.
  • works on Windows, Linux & Mac. new: brings a dummy device for machines without soundcards.

new: build a bot on your linux server and control it via a simple web-frontend (follow the guide below).

  • it's free, however: donations are always appreciated (see the button on the upper right). Warning: If you don't follow this guide carefully, either you or the people on the channel might not be able to hear you, the sound or sound will only work when you're talking, or or or..

The TeamSpeak Plugin Installer will jump in and guide you through initial installation. (if it does not, please see the FAQ).