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Release: 2013 Developer: Blue Isle Studios. In an adventure horror Slender: The Arrival gamers have to survive.

You will be on your own, no one will help and will not come, only birds and animals will hear the cries. This is the official addition to the Slender Man video game.. There are many innovations in this rethinking of the original piece. Arrival has a completely new storyline and locations to explore. The graphics have also been changed: improved visual effects, textures and an increased number of objects in the play areas. This game is one of the best in the survival horror genre. Unravel the secrets of the dark area, where the main character got. In the light of day everything will be fine, at this time you can explore the locations and not be afraid of anything.

But as soon as the sun goes down, a huge humanoid creature in a business suit will start hunting for the protagonist.

Nobody knows what he wants and why he kills people. Explore the surrounding buildings and locations, read a variety of notes and look for clues that can at least somehow tell about what is happening in the area. Only ingenuity will help you survive this dark journey. Escape from the antagonist or hide behind various objects. The main character is not able to resist such a creature, and only quick legs are the key to successful survival among bloodthirsty creatures. Size: 438.55 Mb. Version: v 2.0.0. (max speed + fast connection). Slender: The Arrival is the sequel to the free to play horror smash hit Slender which went viral in 2012. For Halloween 2013, the original Blue Island Studios version of Slender The Arrival was enhanced by the developers at Midnight City to create an even better game with more depth.

Note that unlike the original, Slender: The Arrival is not free but is available for a modest fee from the Steam store.

Both Slender and Slender: The Arrival are based on the obscure myth that somewhere out there, there is a tall thin, faceless freak called "Slenderman" who not only abducts people (mainly children it seems), but mashes people's brains telepathically with his mind when he gets near. It might sound like madness, but it's a myth that's become increasingly popular over the years with low budget horror films like The Blair Witch Project loosely based on it.

Slender was one of the first games to be based on it and went on to become a phenomenon in 2012, inspiring several spin-offs and countless "Watch how scared I get playing Slender at midnight while wearing an adult diaper" YouTube videos.

  • As soon as you start Slender: The Arrival, its clear that its a more polished game than the original which is to be expected.
  • Slender: The Arrival has a far more cinematic presentation and all round gameplay than the original Slender although the basic gameplay remains the same.

In this Midnight City revision of Slender: The Arrival the basic premise of the original Slender (i.e.

  • collect eight pages saying creepy, cryptic things like, "Don't look, it takes you", "He's out there" and "He's got massive limbs") has been revised.
  • There's now a much bigger game to explore, better graphics and a new "creature" to be scared of although what it is isn't exactly clear (Slenderman's tall-thin rabied dog maybe?).