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Antimicrobials Sketchy PharmaCell Wall and Membrane Active AntibioticsPenicillin G & V: Princess Ellen’s New Hope1. Princess Ellen – Penicillin2. Purple Lightsaber pencil – Penicillin3. Ringed Planet: Beta Lactam Ring interferes with transpeptidation reaction of bacterial cell wall synthesis4.

Purple coccoid space staƟons: acƟvity against gram posiƟve organisms (Staph and Strep)MOA5. Armored space staƟon w/ D-Ala architecture motif: Death coccus wall: Peptidoglycan cell wall with repeating D-alanyl-D-alanineoligopeptides6. Planetary building project worker: penicillin binding protein forms pepƟdoglycan cross links, penicillin’s will halt peptidoglycansynthesis in the cell walls: bactericidalDelivery7.

V Winged Ship attacking Penicillin binding proteins workers: Penicillin V (oral)8. Acid Nebula: Acid Stable and only used in minor infecƟons due to poor bioavailability.9. Royal G-Shaped Hair on Princess Ellen: penicillin G10.

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Ivy: administered IV (pen G)Used to Treat11. Red bandanna: Oral Penicillin V treats streptococcal pharyngiƟs12.

  • Heart Shaped Planet Sydenham: Penicillin G or V treats rheumaƟc fever13.
  • Emperor viridians w/ bicuspid hat: Strep Viridians causes leŌ sided endocardiƟs caused by strep viridians or strep bovis14.
  • GalacƟc Baby: Group B baby, Penn G given intrapartum for GBS prophylaxis15.
  • Israeli Flag and purple rod shaped carrier: AcƟvity against AcƟnomyces Israeli16.

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Perforated spacesuit: AcƟvity against Clostridium Perfringens causing gangrene17. Space Dog: pastuerella infecƟons commonly caused by dog bites.

Treated with pen g18. Red gloves and boots on running astronaut towards spiral galaxy: single dose of benzathine pen g treats syphilis (spirochete)19. Red helmeted bounty hunter w/ diplococci balls: penicillin G treats Neisseria meningitidesResistance20.

Beta Trooper shooƟng down a ship: Beta Lactamases are immune to penicillin21. Circular shape: beta lactamases expressed by plasmid genesAdverse Reactions22. Astronaut shuƫng eyes w/ IgE missiles on ship: Type 1 IgE mediated hypersensiƟvity reacƟon23. Exploding asteroids w/ IgG: drug-induced autoimmune hemolytic anemia (positive direct coombs test)24. Kidney shaped nebula: Drug induced intersƟƟal nephritis. Sketchy Pharmacology - SketchyMedical CompleteMP4 | AVC 730kbps | English | 640x360 | 30fps | 18 hours | AAC stereo 128kbps | 6.91 GBGenre: Video Training. Introducing the faces behind the sketchiness! Each with our own quirkiness, we have set out together to battle the great monster known as microbiology, on your behalf. We have sacrificed thousands of hours to create this course, truly believing it will change the way you learn. By your powers combined, we are Sketchy! Come with us to a SketchyPharm unit far, far away.where we'll undo everything you learned in SketchyMicro.