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Sketchy Pharmacology - SketchyMedical CompleteMP4 | AVC 730kbps | English | 640x360 | 30fps | 18 hours | AAC stereo 128kbps | 6.91 GBGenre: Video Training. Introducing the faces behind the sketchiness! Each with our own quirkiness, we have set out together to battle the great monster known as microbiology, on your behalf.

We have sacrificed thousands of hours to create this course, truly believing it will change the way you learn. By your powers combined, we are Sketchy! Come with us to a SketchyPharm unit far, far away.where we'll undo everything you learned in SketchyMicro. Runtime: 8 Chapters . Chapter 1- Cell Wall and Membrane Active Antibiotics. Chapter 2- Inhibitors of Bacterial Protein Synthisis.

Chapter 3- Antimycobacterials. Chapter 4- Other Antibiotics. Chapter 5- Antifungals. Chapter 6- Antivirals: HIV. Chapter 7- Antivirals: Hepatitis. Chapter 8- Antivirals: other. Autonomic Drugs. Take a stroll through the parasympathetic port town, and if you're feeling adventurous - follow Atropine down the rabbit hole.

Sketchy Medical (Microbiology + Pharmacology + Pathology) Free PDF Free Download

The phantom of the alpha lurks here! Runtime: 2 Chapters . Chapter 1- Parasympathetic. Chapter 2- Sympathetic. Cardiovascular & Renal. Win it big at the April Showers Casino, dare to ride the Loop de Loop of Henle, and finish the night off at the club! DJ Foxglove is dropping beats like second degree heart block!

Runtime: 4 Chapters . Chapter 1- Heart Failure Drugs. Chapter 2- Diuretics.

Chapter 3- Antihypertensives. Chapter 4- Antiarrhythmics.

Blood & Inflammation. A hunter, a baseball player, a steampunk pirate, and a priest walk into a bar. The bartender looks up and says,"What is this, a SketchyPharm video?" Runtime: 3 Chapters . Chapter 1- Anticoagulants & Thrombolytics. Chapter 2- Dyslipidemia Drugs. Chapter 3- Anti-Inflammatory. Wait.Nitrates exploding? Sumatriptans wrestling? Maybe it was just a midsummer night's diphenhydramine.

Runtime: 2 Chapters . Chapter 1- Vasoactive. Chapter 2- Allergy & Pulmonary.

GI & Endocrine. Once upon a time, in a land of sky giants, forest-dwelling hags, dinosaurs, and laxatives. Runtime: 3 Chapters . Chapter 2- Diabetes. Chapter 3- Thyroid, Parathyroid & Pituitary. Download Now [Full Version]. Download Link 1 - Fast Download. Download Mirror - Direct Download.