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  • docker Public

    🐳 Official Docker image of the SinusBot for TeamSpeak 3 and Discord.

    The bot can use youtube-dl to download media files from several supported websites. Once you have installed youtube-dl (as described below for Windows and Linux) you can use chat commands like !yt , !ytdl to play content from any of the supported websites, like YouTube for example.
  • docs Public

    📔 Documentation of the SinusBot music bot for TeamSpeak 3 and Discord.

    Alternatively you can also download something in your SinusBot web-interface in the "Upload" Page, under "Download Files".
  • scripting-docs Public

    📔 SinusBot Scripting Documentation

    You can also import public playlists from YouTube. Install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) if it isn't installed already.
  • installer Public

    Landing page for the SinusBot installer

    Download youtube-dl.exe. Save it in the SinusBot directory (same folder the sinusbot.exe is in, for example in C:\SinusBot\ - depending on where you installed it).
  • linux-startscript Public

    🚀 Systemd startscript to manage the startup of the SinusBot easily.

    Restart the SinusBot (in taskbar right-click => close, then start again). The SinusBot should detect it automatically and commands like !yt, !ytdl, etc.
  • api-php Public

    PHP library wrapper to communicate with the SinusBot http API.

    should be available. Delete the old file and download it again, as described above. If you face an issue, make sure you have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) installed.
  • Public

    GitHub hosted page with PR material (logos, icons, public hosted files)

    You should also try updating youtube-dl by re-downloading it as described above. Try downloading something in your SinusBot web-interface on the "Upload" page and check what it shows in the list.
  • installer-linux Public

    💾 SinusBot Installer for Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS - Installs the SinusBot with a single command.

    "youtube-dl unavailable" indicates that youtube-dl is not installed correctly; In that case reinstall it as shown above.
  • scripts Public

    📜 Default and Example Scripts for the SinusBot

    For further troubleshooting see the youtube-dl Troubleshooting section for Linux. Run the following commands but make sure to adjust the paths to match your SinusBot installation:.
  • audio-file-importer Public

    A cli utility to import audio files. Uses the SinusBot REST API. Written in Python.

    Afterwards set YoutubeDLPath = "/opt/sinusbot/youtube-dl" in your config.ini and restart the SinusBot.