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Jay-Z has said the anti-auto-tune screed was inspired by Kanye’s suggestion that they collaborate on something hard to match the quality of the sample (“In the Space” by Janko Nilovic.
Triode - virtual 12AU7 triode stage.
The most interesting is the Triode setting. It effectively replaces every op-amp in the circuit with a triode stage accurately modeled using the same engine used in the SoftAmp 3OD plug-in.
It will perform asymmetric soft-cliping with dynamic behaviour that depends on the tube overdrive level that will produce a moderate amount of even harmonics.
The overall difference is subtle, but it's there. A good test would be listening to the effect applied to the sinusoidal input. Another option is a very efficient 16x oversampling that has a non-obvious side-effect in addition to its main purpose (getting rid of the aliasing caused by the highly nonlinear distortion). Since the filters in this plug-in are digitized using the bilinear transform they exhibit a degrading matching with the analog prototypes with the frequencies approaching the Nyquist limit.
Oversampling effectively shifts this frequency out of the sonic range thus greatly improving the filters' performance at the sampling rates below or equal to 48000Hz.
SoftAmp GT also allows you to disable the embedded speaker simulation, so you can use your favourite speaker simulator plug-in with good impulses.
The last feature is the mono/stereo switch.
It allows you to cut the CPU consumption in half when you don't need both channels.