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Robot Arena 2 doesn't have the best programming, and crashes happen quite often.

You may be able to however discern what has caused the game to crash with these guidelines: most often RA2 crashes at a specific moment for a specific problem.

Crash after you have launched RA2 but before the game is loading

  • Check if you modded anything recently, if so check what you just modded for errors.

Crash while you go through the three loading screens

  • One of the AI bindings forgets to use a comma or another mistake, check for errors.

Crash while selecting a team, in botlab or exhibition

  • Theres a good chance you're using Windows 7. Move RA2 out of the 'Program Files' folder and set the game to fullscreen.

Crash during loading screen, after choosing a fight

  • If there is a long black screen, but you can still hear your bot's motors if you are controlling it, the .gmf for the arena is missing, reinstall that arena.
  • One of the bots uses a component/a component .GMF that you don't have, a example of this is trying to load a bot with DSL parts in your Stock game, check the .bot file and components folder to make sure all the .txt files that the .bot file mentions exist. Then make sure all the .gmfs in the .txt files the .bot file uses exist.

Crash in battle, a few seconds after the initial countdown

Robot Arena 3 Download

  • Possibly a problem with a custom .py you are loading, check bindings and the .py in question for errors.

Crash after a particularly violent Havok explosion

  • Your computer possibly couldn't handle all the havok explosions at once. Restart RA2.

Robot Arena 2 Bot Downloads

Crash anytime during play

  • If your computer runs Windows 7 and you are running RA2 in a window, try changing the game to run in full-screen.
  • It could possibly just be a random crash. It happens to all of us, restart RA2 and see if it happens again, if it keeps happening and you cannot figure out what is causing it post a new thread in Technical Support


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