Resident Evil 4 Save Game

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Resident evil 4 save game 100 complete pcGame

[PS3] Resident Evil 4 HD Game Save

Resident Evil 4. Videogameasset My games. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. On other consoles and don't want to bother with playing mercenaries with Krauser and all the more annoying parts of the game to get the last weapons. This save file contains. Red Dead Redemption Save Editor BETA Resident Evil 2: Remake – The Apocalypse Box Files (PS4) The Witcher 3: All Grandmaster Legendary – Standard Edition. Days Gone End Game Modded Save (1.70) January 4, 2021; 0; 1753; Days Gone End Game Modded Save (1.70) Save Location: Beginning of Last Story Mission – “You.

Resident Evil 4 Save Game Files For Pc

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  2. US Resident Evil Resistance Super Game Save With 100 Becca & 2 Million RP CUSA14169 NEW Description: Here's my save using all my 100 RP boosters for Resistance for Resident Evil, please leave a like on the post and on.
About Save: US Infinite Launcher, Chicago typewritter, and PRL available.

Resident Evil 4 Save Game

Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Type: Survival-horror / Action

Resident Evil 4 HD on PS3 is a survival horror very focused on the action. You play as Leon S. Kennedy who must find Ashley, the daughter of the President of the United States , kidnapped by a small group hiding in Europe. Progress through the different environments in a remote village, as you prepare to face a horde of hungry infected human flesh. You can also count on Ada (already present in Resident Evil 2 ) to give you a hand.

Resident Evil 4 Save Game Pc

Unzip the archive to your key USB and copy the file respecting the structure PS3/SAVEDATA/XXXXXXXXXX.
Insert the USB device into your PS3.
Go to the Backup Manager from the XMB and you’ll save your.
Caution: If the words “corrupt data” appears, is that the USB transfer mode is not correct. The other way is known by FTP (only on PS3 Jailbreak). We do not provide methods and means for the jailbreak.