Recording Mic For Mac

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Best overall: Blue Yeti

In many cases, you need to record audio on Mac for sharing, downloading or backing up. To be more specific, you may want to record system audio, microphone audio, and many other audio sources on your Mac computer. Which is the best way to record audio on Mac?

  1. Is there any audio recording capability on Mac? Luckily, this article shows 3 easy ways to record internal and external audio on Mac.

  2. You can choose any audio recording software to record sound on Mac with ease.

  3. Though QuickTime Player is the built-in video and audio recorder for Apple Mac computers, you still need Vidmore Screen Recorder to record internal audio on Mac, as well as external audio from internal or external microphone, headphone and more.

QuickTime Player cannot record audio from live streams and other online sources. If you want to download and record audio from browser on Mac, definitely Vidmore Screen Recorder is your first choice.

The Mac audio recording software is capable to record high-quality sound from microphone, sound card, voice chat, and more sources on Mac.

There is no time limit, you can record sound playing on Mac for hours or even days. It is also supported to create a schedule to record audio clip on Mac with the premade start and stop time.