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The Reason Rack is a sound design playground that can be used as a plugin with any other music production software. But Reason is also full-fledged music production software where you can record and edit. As a Reason+ subscriber you always have access to the latest version with all available updates.

The Reason Archive contains dozens of sample libraries and example song files for users to examine and use.

If you use these files for commercial projects, let me know and I’ll be happy to spread the word.

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Reason Refills

Reason Refills

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Reason Refills Downloads

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These are primarily older files for use with MacOS 9 and Reason 2.5

160dB: The Drum&Bass Interface
In a Nutshell
The seminal Drum&Bass Sample CD - many immitators, few, if any, peers.
Review Highlights'Back with a bang...9/10' - Computer Music '... funkier, punchier, and tighter...4.5/5' - Remix USA 'I could blather about how great this library is, but second listener Greg Rule sums it up best: 'From the evocative pads and wicked synth basses to the expressive instrumental riffs and edgy loops, there are loads of club-ready components for launching a track. I defy any electronic music lover to give this library a test drive and not walk away buzzed.' Key Buy - Keyboard USA 'Overall - Essential purchase for Drum and Bass makers - 9/10.' - Sounduser Review 'I found these loops to be easily shapeable in terms of feel and sound (because of their excellent initial sonic quality). 4.5 stars.' - Remix USA 'I defy any electronic music lover to give this library a test drive and not walk away buzzed. Key Buy.' - Keyboard USA
Contents Breaks, Upright Bass licks & FX, Basses, Atmospheres, Drum Hits, Misc. FX, Gated FX, Musical FX, Live Drum Loops, Rhodes lines, riffs, FX and patterns, Sax riffs & chops, and Analog Synth FX.
More info on the Producer N-Jay is a pro D&B producer working on the underground UK dance scene.
Format Info This ReFill contains all the library's REX files, every sample available in NN19 programs for extremely fast access, some ReDrum kits, SubTractor patches and even a few song starters. Justly now a legendary ReFill, the first and still one of the very best!