Pioneer Dj Controller Software Download

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Software Bridge per il sistema PRO DJ LINK. Sincronizza il suono alle immagini.
This package provides the necessary installation files of Pioneer DDJ-RB DJ Controller Firmware version 1.02.


- Fixed an issue where BACKSPIN LENGTH does not work as expected.
- Information of the following settings in the utility mode was not sent to rekordbox:
i) Mono/stereo switching of master output
ii) Master output peak limiter
iii) MIC output peak limiter

Installation steps:

1. Download the firmware file and extract it.
2. Connect DDj-RR to your computer using a USB cable.
3. Activate the update mode, pressing the [SHIFT] button and the [SYNC] button on the left deck.
4. Double click the extract it file.
5. Select language you want to use.
6. Click start and wait until the progress bar reaches to the right end.
7. When the update is complete, click [OK].
8. Reboot the DDJ-RR.


- Before updating, close all the aplications running on the computer.

About DJ Controller Firmware:

Updating the mixer’s firmware version can add support for newly developed features (or improve existing ones), enhance audio quality and transition effects, resolve different problems such as those regarding various noises heard in certain situations, and many other related improvements.
However, before downloading this package, go to the unit’s system information and make sure that the currently installed firmware isn’t either newer or matches this release. Moreover, you should know that an update failure might seriously damage the mixer’s software, so it is vital that you are familiar with the installation steps.
As for applying this release, you must transfer the downloadable package (or its content) to the mixer via any available methods, and power up the unit through various key combinations in order to enter update mode (make sure you read the product’s user guide).
This said, if you consider installing this release and you’re positive you have all the knowledge you need for a successful upgrade, download the package, and apply it to your mixer. Check with our website constantly so that you don’t miss any update that can improve your device.

PRO DJ LINK BRIDGE è un'applicazione che ti consente di sincronizzare le luci, i video visualizzati e gli effetti pirotecnici con l'audio riprodotto con il nostro set-up professionale per DJ con i prodotti certificati di imprese con licenze.

PRO DJ LINK BRIDGE favorisce il funzionamento agevole del sistema di rete PRO DJ LINK, assicurando la sincronizzazione, senza soluzione di continuità, tra gli effetti visivi e le performance DJ.

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