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How to Find The best Horse Game

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the online horse games available and not sure where to start here are my top 5 Tips for How to Choose a Horse Game.

#1: Decide what you want out of a horse game

This may seem like a very broad question when you first look at it and you may be thinking to yourself, “I DON’T KNOW this is why I came to this site!” But chances are if you found yourself here after looking online for a horse game, you were bored with the game(s) you had been playing and couldn’t find another one easily. So ask yourself what you did not like about the last game(s) and this will help you figure out what you want in your next game.

Example: When I was playing Horse Isle online I really enjoyed it but I wanted a game with better graphics that made me feel like I was actually with the horses and riding. With that in mind I went out looking and that is how I found Ride! An Equestrian Simulation

#2: Think about how much time you like spending playing a game

For me when I hear something like this I think the time I spend playing the game depends on how much I like it. But what I am actually trying to get at is some games have an end to them and others do not. So, if you are looking for the horse game equivalent to Candy Crush where there is no end in sight and you want it that way because you like having something fun to play at all times you may want to look at something like Horse Tales or Horse Quest. But if you want to play something that has an end you can reach in a reasonable amount of time and feel like you conquered a goal Nancy Drew: Secret of Shadow Ranch is probably a better bet.

#3: Introverted vs. Extroverted

Don’t worry you won’t have to answer a personality test to figure this question out. All you need to do is consider if you want the game to have a chat feature. Many games now either have or at least offer a chat option. For me when I personally play a game I don't really care about a chat feature as I know I will not use it. But for some people they really like to chat to other people in games. Obviously, PC games won’t have a chat option but when looking at online games it is something to consider. If you want a fun online game that does not have a chat feature Planet Horse would be a good option. But if you are wanting to mingle then look at games such as Horse Quest.

#4: What Seat You Ride

This one may or may not matter to you but when looking for a game you can also take into consideration what seat you ride. Because I am a Hunter/Jumper rider I have naturally gravitated towards horse games with jumping, but games such as My Western Horse cater to those who ride western. For those who want a horse racing game that doesn't have betting in it, Horse Academy is a good choice.

Hunter/Jumper riders have much more of a selection with games such as Ride! Equestrian simulation. Dressage has some great game options but most of those are PC games such as Lucinda Green’s Equestrian Challenge which we unfortunately don’t have a link to because it's kind of hard to find now. For those who participate in gymkanna’s, the Saddle Club game had you covered. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a saddle seat horse game but if there is one you know of and play definitely let me know in the comments. If you just want to breed horses, Howrse is a great option.

Petz Horse Game Free Download For Laptop

#5: What Type of Devices You Have

Okay, this one is a little bit obvious and one of the less inspired points but it is still very important one to consider. Being in college I really only have my DVD playerless laptop, phone and computer to use for horse games. This definitely restricts the games I can play. As a result I can’t pull out any of my PC games but I can play the online horse games.

My Horse Game Free Download

Petz Horse Game Free Download

Petz Horse Game Free Download And Install

If you live where internet streaming is expensive or spotty, you’re going to want a game can you can download and play, including games for PC, Nintendo, or Wii/Playstation/X box. By the way, I find the quality of those games to often be excellent. I think it probably has to do with the price of an online game versus a Wii game along with the differences in cost for making and launching games for the internet versus the Nintendo, etc.