Nvms-1000 Download For Android

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Device Access

Supports TVT private protocol, ONVIF protocol, GB/T28181, standard RTSP, SDK

Supports adding devices by manually entering serial number, IP address, domain name or IP range, by auto search, or by auto report

LTP-Series HD-SDI H.264 Standalone DVR: CMS, NVMS-1000, and Firmware - 135MB 4 / 8 / 16 Channel LTP / LTP-Lite DVR with Safari Compatibility H.264 Standalone DVR: Mobile Clients, User Manuals, CMS Software, firmware - 45.8MB. Software Description Platform Download; NVMS7000 Mobile App: Remote view, remote playback: Platinum Series: Android/ iPhone LTS Connect Mobile App: Remote Management of Video, Access Control & Intercom.

Resource Management

Supports channel (or camera) group management

Nvms-1000 Download For Android

Supports device area management

Supports centralized management of decoding and encoding devices

Device Configuration

Supports the basic configuration and user management of the devices

Supports the date, time and time zone, network, email and DDNS configuration of the devices

Supports getting the information of the device's HDDs

Supports multi-OSD setup of one channel

Supports the camera's ROI, video mask and motion detection settings

Supports intelligent analytics

Supports the camera's resolution, frame rate, VBR/CBR, image quality, bitrate settings

Supports the camera's brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, HLC, BLC,WDR, anti-flicker, defogging, AZ settings, etc.

The stream settings of one camera can be quickly copied to other cameras

The area, transfer server and storage server can be set for multiple devices at one time

User Management

Supports multi-user talk

Supports user MAC address binding

Supports user lock

Supports different users and permission

Supports permission based on resources and operation


Supports multi-screen display mode:

Supports 1/4/6/8/9/10/16/17/21/25/33/36/49/64/81/100 standard screen display mode;

Supports 2/4/6/7/9/12/16/24/36/48 widescreen display mode;

Supports customized screen display mode

Supports corridor mode

Supports fisheye mode

Supports channel group sequence viewing

Supports stream self-adaption and one-key stream switch

Supports steam copy

Supports multi-monitor display

Supports instant playback.

Supports decoding with hardware

Nvms-1000 download for android

Supports OSD display

Two-way Talk

Supports remote listening

Supports two-way talk

Supports 8K or 16K audio sampling rate

Supports G.711 a-law, G.711 u-law, G.722.1, G.726, ACC, MP2L2, PCM

Record Storage

Multiple storage types

Schedule record, alarm linkage record, manual record

Supports image and video storage

Record Playback And Record Backup

Supports multi-channel simultaneous and asynchronous playback

Supports multiple record source playback

Supports multi-window playback

Supports playback by channel, time slice, time, tag and event search

Supports playback by frame, dragging the progress bar, fast forward or slow speed

Supports record backup: manual backup, scheduled backup, backup by channel, time, tag and event search; supports cutting records and backup in the playback interface

PTZ Control

8 directions control rotating speed adjustable ( ranging from 1~8 )

Supports zoom in/out and focus+/-

Supports preset, track and cruise calling and settings

Supports PTZ protocol configuration

Supports 3D control


Supports multiple alarm types:

Motion alarm, sensor alarm, etc

Supports multiple alarm linkages:

Platform recording, client message pop-up, client preview, audio, decoding on TV Wall, snapshot and so on

Supports arming or disarming

Supports self-defined alarm audio

Decoding On TV Wall

Supports working with decoders or decoding matrix to control multiple video walls

Supports 8MP/5MP/4MP/3MP/1080P/720P

Supports decoding on TV wall in the audio format of G.722, G.711A, G.711U or ACC

Support live view and playback on TV wall

Supports 1/4/9/16/25/36 screen mode

Supports window merging and splitting, opening window and roaming

Nvms Software Download

Supports multiple splicing modes: 1x1, 1x2, 2x1, 2x2, 3x1, 3x2, 3x3, 4x1, 4x2, 4x3, 4x4, 4x5, 4x6, 4x7, 4x8

Supports picture-in-picture mode and roaming mode

Up to 999 plans configurable

Supports channel group and plan sequence view

Plan task configurable

Supports triggering decoding on TV wall; customized alarm window (unlimited)

Supports Snapshots

Supports snapshots in the live view mode and playback mode

Supports triggering snapshot

Image And Online Electronic Map

Supports Baidu map and picture map. The picture map supports JPG, BMP, PNG and TIF formats

Supports multi-level maps; adding, modifying, moving, deleting hot spots (monitoring points, sensors)

Supports layer edition and display as well as self- defined layer

Supports alarm linkage, like icon flickering, video pop- up


Supports keyboard control

Supports overload protection

Supports operation and maintenance management:

Operating, system and alarm logs can be searched and exported by time, type and user.

Supports B/S client, C/S client and Android/iOS mobile APP

About NVMS, Inc.

As the leading national vendor management company, NVMS offers a full range of inspection and preservation services utilized by a variety of industries including Residential and Commercial Lending, Valuation, Banking, Insurance and Asset Management.

Our national network of over 30,000 highly trained and professionally certified inspectors and field representatives will ensure that all your preservation and inspection needs are performed with precision and efficiency. Every NVMS service can be customized to meet your exact specifications and requirements.

The NVMS Leadership Team has over 65 years of cumulative industry experience and is proud to count Fortune 100 companies and GSE's in our portfolio of satisfied clients.

Our IT infrastructure is the industry standard when it comes to speed, reliability and cutting-edge technological advancements. This technology expertise which includes custom API’s, data mining, mobile applications and client specific solutions is one of the many ways that NVMS is set apart from our competition.

We manage the full spectrum of inspection, assessment and property preservation services needed by businesses in the Residential and Commercial Lending, Valuation, Banking, Insurance and Asset Management industries. We are committed and driven to be the industry leader and we do it extremely well, giving our clients the freedom and confidence to rely on NVMS to be their national source to “touch” any property located within the United States.

NVMS started as one man’s vision nearly twenty years ago and has grown to be an industry leader which today counts among its clients six of the top ten banks in the country. On any given day, NVMS is managing the performance of thousands of work orders throughout the United States and tens of thousands of inspection/preservation services each month.

Nvms 1000 Manual

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