Mod Installer For Xenoverse 2

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XV2 Mods InstallerNov 19, 2016 12:11:55 GMTVal E Ryon, Sol Negro, and235 morelike this. Download version 3.7 here. XV2 Mods Installer is a program to install new character, skil and costumel mods (it may be expanded on the future). XV2 Mods Installer comes with four programs inside: the package creator (character), the package creator (skill), the package creator (costumes) and the package installer.

The package creators can be used to create (and edit existing) packages.

The installer will actually install the package in the game.

If you have an original game, my program should be able to find out the requirements on its own and won't bother you.

Otherwise, the program will prompt you to locate the file DBXV2.exe (make sure that DBXV2.exe you choose is from the bin folder and no anywhere else).

  1. Advice: use the tools->associate x2m extension to register the extension with this program and the creator.
  2. After you do that, you will be able to install x2m mods with double click, and edit them with righ click->edit.
  3. Information about the internals of the program.
  4. This program reads and writes data in the game directory.

For reading, this program acts as if it was the game running xv2patcher: it first tries to locate files in loose files, otherwise it search for them in the cpk's, by following the same cpk priority than the game. For writing, the program always write to loose files, cpk's are never writed to.