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  • Dear Community,

    as i've already heared a lot of rumors and confusion about the new Season Server, here's some clearification!

    The Launch date will be the 10th of December. 15:00 GMT!

    You will need to download the new Client from the Season Server website and register a new Account which can already be done!

    In case that you use the same ID / Username as on the Main Server, we will have to add something to the Name once the Merge happens [Like a S2 or similar].

    As a little Christmas Gift we decided to grant everyone a free Month of Premium on our Season Server so make sure to register in time before the Server Launch!

    Registration & Download

    Season Server Specific Changes!

    • Jotun Thrym - Less Damage and Resistances
    • Meley's Lair - All Monsters reduced Damage
    • Enchanted Forest - All Monsters reduced Damage.
    • Demon Tower - All Floors after Death Reaper reduced experience
    • Heaven's Lair - All Zin Monsters (End of HL2) greatly increased experience
    • Map2 - Increased
    • Orc Valley - Increased
    • Fireland - Increased
    • Desert - Increased
    • Dark Dragon (Beta) Maps - Increased
    • Ghost Forest - Increased
    • Red Wood Forest - Increased
    • New Red Wood Forest - Increased
    • Exorcism Scroll & Hermit's Advice - Drop Rate Increased
    • Mount Certificates - Drop Rate Increased
    • Blessing Scroll - Added to some more Metins
    • Green Adder and Changer - Drop rate doubled (or for some, even higher)
    • Orc Maze - Final Boss drops more Orc Stubborness and Green Changers
    • Orc Maze - Mid Boss drops a hand full Lv 30 Weapons now
    • Spider Baroness - Increased the drop rate of Skill Duration Books
    • Nemere - Increased the Drop Chance of Rarity Changer
    • Nemere - Increased the Drop Chance of the 2nd Legendary Cor Draconis
    • Yamachon - Same Changes as Nemere
    • Jotun Thrym - Increased Drop Chance of Mythic Cor Draconis

    Anything from Chief Orc to Yellow Tiger Ghost

    • Added Red Monocle as Drop
    • Added Red Auto Potion (L) as Drop
    • Added Blue Auto Potion (L) as Drop
    • Red Monocle - Removed. Might be added back once someone met the Biologist related Achievement Quests.
    • Blue Adder & Changer - Removed for good. Were simply outdated and have no place in our Item Mall anymore.
    • Blessing Marble - Price reduced greatly.
    • Sash Box - Removed for the start. Might add it back at a later point in time.
    • Red, Blue, White, Yellow, Purple and Green Pearls - Removed. Might add them back at a later point in time.

    Improved Upgrade Rate.

    • Antique -> Legendary
    • Legendary -> Mythic
    • High Class -> Super Class
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