Manycam Old Version Without Logo

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Why Do We Like iMyFone MarkGo?

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How to Get Rid of Manycam Watermarks from Video? Sep 8th, 2020. Jul 13th, 2020. Do you like to know how to get rid of the Manycam logo from your video? Or how to remove Manycam watermark? If this is what you are interested in, then you are welcome to read to the end.

How to Hide or Remove Manycam Logo?

Software VersionRelease DateSize
ManyCam 1.1.1825Oct 11, 200614.72 MB
ManyCam 2.0.7089Dec 21, 20069.77 MB
ManyCam 2.1.9678Apr 29, 200712.05 MB
ManyCam 2.2.75May 6, 20089.77 MB
ManyCam 2.2.77May 6, 200811.72 MB
ManyCam 2.3.7Oct 15, 200812.73 MB
ManyCam 2.4.55Dec 23, 200914.20 MB
ManyCam 2.4.69Apr 7, 201015.56 MB
ManyCam 2.5.48Jun 22, 201013.21 MB
ManyCam 2.6.1Oct 16, 201014.72 MB
ManyCam 2.6.60Sep 29, 201112.36 MB
ManyCam 2.6.65Dec 14, 201112.31 MB
ManyCam 3.0.80Jul 3, 201211.71 MB
Manycam is an open-source application that helps enhance your video chatting and streaming experience.
It is compatible with third-party software like; Skype, AOL instant messenger, Yahoo messenger, Youtube, Livestream, etc.

Q.4: How to record video with a webcam?

Unfortunately, Manycam does advertise its service by placing its logo on your video screen. The logo by default appears on the screen, but you can hide or remove it by following the step-by-step guide below:. Check GIF below how perfectly AI-Powered MarkGo has removed watermark from video. Download MarkGo free below. Hiding or removing the Manycam logo is straightforward. You do not have to be a professional to know how to remove the Manycam watermark/logo, and the good news is Manycam does not charge you to remove the logo, neither is it an illegal offense. To learn how to remove the logo from our Manycam screen. If you prefer watching the video guide, you can access it here. Use the link below to download, install, and launch Manycam on your computer if you do not have it. But if you have installed it already, then open it and continue with me.

Q.3: How to take pictures of documents or homework?

Step #3 Uncheck The Box Labeled Show Manycam Logo

At the left navigation menu under effect inside the open timeline, you see the "text over video" menu.