Madden 21 Free Play

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The new Madden NFL 21 Mobile is a game that will put your skills to the test.

It runs on the same exact engine as Madden NFL 20, but now this beauty can also be played on your PC with BlueStacks! Lamar Jackson and loads of players from the NFL, will be at your grasp and you will have the honor to take them towards victory.

Lead your all favorite teams like the New Orleans Saints, the Dallas Cowboys, the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers into the field, and boost your ratings with each win.

Madden NFL 21 Mobile comes with a new scoreboard and new fonts which will harmonize your gaming experience. But that won’t be the only thing that will bring harmony to your game.

Archetypes is also a great feature that is integrated in the game, and it will make your team work even better. This means that with the right players, you can make your team as you want it to be, and each attribute will count to the overall performance and harmony of the team.

So pick your team today, draft new players and download and play Madden NFL 21 Mobile on PC with BlueStacks! Just a heads up to those who have Gold/GPU and don't own the game or EA play that Madden 21 is on free play days.

So grab that punch card on Xbox for 250 points before it's too late. There's 4 days left I believe. EDIT: It seems some people are not able to unlock achievements in this game version.

I apologize for those who have downloaded this game and weren't able to get achievements to pop. This has worked in the past when a free play days game and a punch card coincided(Bleeding Edge) and thought it would play out the same.

I don't know if achievements for this version isn't supported so if anyone was successful, please comment and let us know. I myself already ticked off the punchcard earlier on so I can't confirm.

If any Mods want to delete this post, please do so. I just wanted to let people know that the trial game is temporarily free and potentially get free points in the process.

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