Madden 16 Free Download Pc

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Madden NFL 16 comes as another yearly release in the longest line of American Football video game franchises out there—the John Madden series.
Though, to its credit, it does enough to shake up the franchise this time around, which keeps it far and enough away from the conversations of less-than-loved installments like Madden NFL 07 or Madden NFL 12.
Madden NFL 16 offers players a newly implemented receiving, defending and quarterback system that allows new autonomy to the gameplay with regards to ‘playing under pressure’ and makes the game feel more like a simulator than its, less than realistic, origins.

These modifications to the program, as well as a newly created fantasy-football inspired mode called Draft Champions, make Madden NFL 16 a great addition to a monstrous catalogue. There has been somewhat of a monopolization of sports video games in recent years as certain franchises have fallen away to the powerhouses of the medium. Games like Madden NFL, FIFA, NBA2K(/games/nba-game/), and MLB The Show have mostly swept the competition away as far as sales and agreements with the sporting events to which they represent. In addition, the loss of NCAA video games as those franchises lost out by an inability or non-desire to pay college athletes for the use of their image—left only the progress of the professional sports market. All that being said, the majority of these games, including Madden NFL, are yearly releases that follow in keeping with the upcoming draft of players—which offers excitement to fans of the sport by keeping up with the seasons, but offers a lot less time for innovation between releases on the video game end.