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Apple iMac G4

Since the passing of Apple's founder, Steve Jobs, in 2011, vintage Macintosh computers are finally seeing a resurgence in popularity. For those of you who decided to keep your old Macs, this is good news for you! Now these charming old machines are fetching a decent penny on eBay and Craigslist. Below, we'll compare the 1980s sticker price with what it's currently going for. All prices are suggestive.

The original Apple Computer, the Apple I, is considered one of the most valuable and collectible computers in the world. Only approximately 200 units were ever made, making it the rarest and most valuable Apple computer around.

As of 2021, there are 61 currently confirmed to exist, only six of which are functional.

In 2013, an Apple 1 sold at Christie's Auction House for $390,000. In 2014, a functioning Apple 1 sold at Bonhams Auction for $905,000, the highest price yet for an Apple 1.

Several have also appeared on eBay over the years, where the highest successful bid was $43,000. In 2016, a unit hailed as the very first Apple Computer, an Apple 1 prototype, sold at auction for $815,000.

In 2018, a functioning Apple 1 sold at a Boston auction for $375,000. In 2019, an Apple 1 was sold at Christie's Auction House for $470,000. In 2021, a functioning Apple 1 in an ornate wooden housing with a Panasonic monitor included sold for $400,000 at Christie's Auction House.

Macintosh Quadra 840av

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These often surface on eBay.

These are either the 'Replica 1' from Briel Computer or the Newton NTI clone.

The value for an unassembled replica hovers around $1,000 for the kit.