Kurzweil Mark 3 Digital Piano

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Discontinued ModelDownloads and support materials maintained here as a courtesy to owners. Question:How can I adjust the instruments touch sensitivity? see “Function / Select Mode”.). To set the keyboard’s “Velocity Sensitivity” parameter:. Press the Select button. The button light will illuminate. Per the diagram below, strike a piano note from C#1 to D#2 to select one of the Touch Maps, 1-7:. Map 1 has the greatest dynamic range (allows for harder/heavier playing style). Map 7 has the least dynamic range (allows for easier/lighter playing style). The default selection is Map 4. The Keyboard Touch setting is retained when the power is off. Question:How can I restore my Mark 3 to its factory defaults? There are two methods:. Press the Function/Select button. Strike the top note on the keyboard (C8).