How To Play Terraria 1.2

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Terraria is an adventure game, a bit more like Minecraft that allows you to dig, fight, explore, and build! Griffpatch made this Scratch (Stamped Tile Engine) version of Terraria.

Left-click = dig / place.

0-9 = select tools. E = open / close inventory. K = creative Mode. Time Shooter 3: SWAT. Madalin Stunt Cars 2.

The Cursed Island. Grindcraft Remastered. Pixel Survive Western. (

Merge Pickaxe 2.


Alright, you ready? Let's get started. Oh, first, you should probably back up your characters and worlds to be safe.

First install DepotDownloader and extract it. After that, install the current version of .NET Core. (If you already know you have it, don't install it as it will do nothing.)

Once you do that, go to the top where it should say, E.G (This PC > Downloads > DepotDownloader) click on it and type in "CMD". It should open a command prompt.

After that input this: `dotnet DepotDownloader.dll -app 105600 -depot 105601 -manifest 1270558334791485575 -username (put your steam username) -password (put your steam password) ` If it asks for the two factor authentication code, put that in.

Now you just wait for it to install. It may take a while or it may be quick. For me, it was quick.

After that is installed, go back to the DepotDownloader folder, and go to depots folder and find the 105600 folder. It may be called 105601 though I'm not sure but it is those folders.

Copy everything in that folder and paste it into the Terraria directory. For those who don't know where that is, it should be in your Local Disk or what ever drive you use. Go to Program Files (x86), Steam, SteamApps, Common, Terraria and then paste everything in there.

Next, install GameLauncher. Open the installer and follow everything in there. When it asks for the assembly, it means the Terraria executable, which is in the folder where you just pasted everything.

Once that is done, open GameLauncher, it should be wherever you put the install path.

Now when you open it, you should be greeted with a nice window. To install older versions, which is what we are doing, go up to Downgrade Patches and select the patch you want. It starts at 1.0 then goes to, 1.0.4, 1.0.5,, 1.1.2,, and 1.2.2.

Now install what ever patch you want, when it's done, just select it, and click the Launch button!

Huzzah! Old Terraria! Play to your hearts content.

--------------------------------For those who are skeptical or want info on how it works-----------------------------------

Are you skeptical or want to know how it works? Well okay!

Starting from the top, here is an explaination. DepotDownloader is a tool used for downloading depots/manifests for games. Those are archives of games. For it to work however, you need an official steam copy, as this is to prevent piracy. (I assume). You usually wouldn't need this tool as you can download steam game archives from the steam console, however they removed that feature a couple updates ago. The entry of the Username and Password as well as authentication is the tool is connecting itself to the steam servers. You wouldn't be able to download the archives without logging in anyways. If you still are worried about getting your password stolen (Which you shouldn't) activate the 2-Factor Authentication or change your password right after installing manifests.

The gamelauncher stuff is a bit longer though.

So when 1.3 was released GameLauncher wasn't updated to be compatible with that update. Hence why we had to install the archives (Which if you are curious is Terraria 1.2.4) (ALSO, yes if you were to run the new .exe file that came with the manifest it would open up Terraria 1.2.4, meaning you would be able to play 1.2.4.) 1.2.4 was the last Terraria version to be compatible with GameLauncher so it is needed to complete this process.

And that's about it.

Also, don't go trying to give away the Terraria.exe's online. That won't work as GameLauncher has an anti-piracy method.


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