Generals Zero Hour Map Pack

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Generals Zero Hour Map Pack

    zero hour

  • Zero Hour is a live album by the Avengers. It was released on vinyl in 2003 on the Italian label DBK Works. The album features a recording of a concert that took place at The Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA on June 13, 1979, one of the band’s final concerts.
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Packing list (all inside)

Long Sleeves
Rain jacket
Two thermals
One light cover up

3 x t-shirts
3 x tank top
3 x technical fabric tops

Convertible pants
Sweat pants
Sporty capri pants
2 x cotton shorts

2 x bathing suit
2 x sport bras
2 x regular bras
10 x underwear
6 x spot socks
2 x warm socks

Light trail / walking shoes
Birkenstock sandals

Tech Stuff
Laptop + charger
SD car reader
15GB SD card
4GB SD card
ipod Nano + headphones

Silk sleeping bag liner
Adventure towel
Deck of cards
Money belt
Compass with thermometer and whistle
Reading light
Travel diary
Vegan Passport
Moo cards


Domo: Ok I’m all packed and ready to go!
Me: I am sure they will have lots of candy and cake there Domo. You don’t need to pack so much.
Domo: You can never have too much!