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I hope to make this guide smaller in the future.

Compare the best Collaboration software of 2021 for your business. Find the highest rated Collaboration software pricing, reviews, free demos, trials, and more. A Bot for Everyone! Having a whole Clan, Guild or Alliance with different tastes of Music? Just create another bot and let it play for another audience. No need to start another instance, it can all be controlled from within the web-interface. You also don't need to re-upload files again, as files and users will be shared between the bot instances.

Teamspeak 3 music bot free download. Asmodat TeamSpeak 3 Query Bot Video Setup Instruction: You need: 1. AsmodatTS3QueryBot 2. Rent Teamspeak 3 bot / TS3 Music bot at Nitrado. The TS3 Music bot is a unique bot, which you can use to play music (radio streams, music files, Youtube videos, etc.) at your Teamspeak 3 server. Listen to music together with your friends while you play. Teamspeak 3 Music Bot Hosting Free OSL allows you to link to our libraries without needing to disclose your own project, which might be useful if you want. If you create plugins you do not have to make them public like in GPL. (Although we would be happier if you shared them. With OSL we want to.

But for now this is it.
Install a Virtual Machine. Music

1.Download and Install VirtualBox from
2.Install a 64bits Windows inside VirtualBox.
3.Disabled the Audio Card during the install (so you dont pass any audio from your local system to the virtual machine and vice versa).

Install Additional Software.

Make sure that the following software is installed
.NET Framework 3.5 or above
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Packagedownload
Virtual Audio CableDownload
VLC Media Playerwebsite
Windows Media Player is usually intergrated within your Windows system. If not, go here
Mozilla Firefox Download here
Internet Explorer Download here
Google Chrome Download here
Teamspeak 3Download here

Configure Virtual Audio Cable

(notice the 2 cables)

Free Teamspeak Bot

Configure Winamp

Here you see the Winamp direct sound output settings: Select 'Nullsoft DirectSound Output' and press the Configure button. select the 'Virtual Cable 1' and press the Apply button and then the OK button.

Configure Teamspeak3

The Playback and the Capture tabs:

Configure VLC