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If you bought your Nokia phone at a discounted rate through a specific carrier, it is likely locked to their network, meaning you will not be able to switch carriers without unlocking it. This wikiHow article will give you some steps you can take to try unlocking your Nokia cell phone for free.

Contact your carrier. If you've had your Nokia phone for a while, the easiest and safest way to unlock it for free is to contact your carrier. Most carriers will unlock your Nokia phone after you have satisfied basic contract requirements. This usually includes paying off the price of the phone and being a customer for 6 months. If you've had your phone for a year or more there's a very good chance that your carrier will unlock it for free.If your carrier can't or won't unlock your phone for you, read on.

If your carrier can't or won't unlock your phone for you, read on. Visit a Nokia unlock site. There are a variety of sites online that can generate unlock codes for older Nokia phones. These code generators are free, but will not work for newer Nokia Lumia phones.Popular code generator sites include Lur.Nu,, and Popular code generator sites include Lur.Nu,, and

Nokia Unlocking

These tools does not require a lot of time to install, and the main window displays an intuitive interface with several drop-down menus and buttons. Includes a manual with secret codes used by manufacturers of mobiles and service repairman.

Users only need to enter the IMEI number of their mobile phone, next is the country, and the mobile service provider, then choose one of the generated codes and type them on their phones.

Despite its name, this software supports a lot more phone manufacturers rather than just Nokia, including Lumia, Microsoft or Samsung. However, not all device models released by these companies are compatible.

Most of the mobile phone owners might need this type of software at some point, and this tool definitely it’s worth trying.
With this software you will generate the unlock code on your computer for your model of feature Nokia phone. Check before calculate if Nokia (any model other than Lumia) displays the message SIM CARD NOT VALID turned on with an unacceptable sim (from a network other than the one in which it is blocked).

For some of the Nokia phones SIM blocked on United States carriers (or other Canada, Australia or UK networks that are or are not in the list above) We have the solution for cable decoding, remote, directly at the phone owner’s home. Using this method no longer matters the network in which the phone is locked but only the model (for new Nokia there are special conditions). Careful!Nothing is written in the phone only it reads. The phone software is not affected and the waiting time for obtaining the code is 12-48 hours.

ATTENTION! To unlock Nokia phones (regardless of network) make sure the phone asks for a PIN code at start and not PUK! If it asks for the PUK code, you can no longer unlock it based on the IMEI (by typing the network code) – this means it is hardlocked – too many wrong codes have been entered on it. If it does not ask for the network PIN, it means that you do not need it and we can help you with decoding using the usb cable method.

Free IMEI Nokia Unlock

Download and install the software from this page. You need to know the IMEI series of the phone [*#06# IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) – unique identification number of a telephone. This code is valid for all mobile phone models, not just Nokia.]

Using The Unlock Nokia Code Generator Software Tool

1- Open/install the unlock Nokia software with a double click;
2- Then connect the Nokia mobile phone device you want to unlock to the computer with the tool, using the USB cable;
3- Wait for the computer to recognize your device. Start filling in the details in the Unlock Nokia C1 Code Generator software tool:
Select your Nokia model from the list, enter the carrier’s name, the country where is blocked, email address and the IMEI number of your cell phone;
4- Then click “calcualte” and the information are processed when the Unlock button will highlight.
5- Finally you will receive a cod on your email address. This GENERATED CODE will free your SIM from a specific network mobile carrier;
6- Insert a SIM card with the appropriate size of the SIM card slot of your Nokia mobile phone device. This time the SIM card must be from a different carrier than the network whose services you used until this point;
7- Turn on the phone with an unaccepted simcard inserted (simcard from a different network);
8- Phone should ask for network unlock code;
9- Now enter the unlock code which you have received from the our unlock nokia tool;
10-Your nokia phone is unlocked.

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