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HomeFree VST PluginsTape Cassette 2 Is a Free Plugin by Caelum Audio (VST/AU). Caelum Audio has announced the release of Tape Cassette 2, a free effect plugin that emulates the warmth, noise and character of old tape cassettes.

Following up from the well-received Tape Cassette 1, Caelum Audio has updated the plugin with a sleek interface and more changes under the hood too.

  • Along with a brand new selectable Type 1 Cassette Impulse Response (IR), there‚Äôs an improved saturation algorithm and wow & flutter engine, plus real sampled tape noise.
  • In addition to these, you now have two VU meters to monitor your audio as well as selectable oversampling.
  • You can easily add that classic sound entire track, or use directly on individual channels, for added movement, texture, and warmth.
  • Alternatively, you can take it further than the material limitations of tape and push the parameters into a far more experimental soundscape, as a sound design tool.
  • Selectable Type 1 Cassette Impulse Response (IR).
  • Dynamic saturation curve algorithm implementing hysteresis and including oversampling.
  • Wow & Flutter engines rebuilt to focus on smoother emulation.
  • Real sampled noise from a Type 1 Cassette.

Low Pass range increased down to 5kHz.