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Organize email by sender. Whether your messages are set up to display on the right or on the bottom, you can organize email by sender simply by clicking the Arrange By menu on the Organize tab and selecting From. If your reading pane is set up to show messages on the right, at the top of your message list, click the By menu, and then select From. At the near end of Window Live Mail, I was scouring the internet for a replacement. Outlook is primitive in comparison and Windows 10 Mail is horrid. I found eM Client and I am a happy camper again. My email, contacts and calendar are at my fingertips as it was with Windows Live Mail.


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Mail Sorter Desk

Email related data file type extensions
(75 file extension database entries)

List of file extensions used by various email clients to store e-mail messages and other data, file name suffixes related to the internet mail communication

Email related data file extension list

List of file extensions used by various email clients to store e-mail messages and other data, file name suffixes related to the internet mail communication.

This category contains file types related to the internet mail communication and e-mail clients. E-mail data files are places, where email applications store their various data including email messages, personal folders, address books etc..

The most popular e-mail client is Microsoft Office Outlook - part of the Microsoft Office suite, which is able to import many of email data files from other email applications to work with them. Native file format of Microsoft Office Outlook data file is Personal folder file (pst file suffix).

Very popular, free, and simple email client under Microsoft Windows platform was Microsoft Outlook Express (dbx files), replaced by Windows Mail after the release of Windows Vista and then replaced by Windows Live Mail (using eml files to store mail data).

From other non-Microsoft email clients, one of the most popular open source client, is probably thed Mozilla Thunderbird (stores data in MSF files).


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Other popular clients are Pegasus Mail, The Bat! or Apple Mail (mbox, emlx) a native e-mail client for the MAC OS X platform.

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file extension rpmsgMicrosoft Restricted Permission Message
file extension emlEmail message
file extension vcfvCard contacts
file extension pstMicrosoft Outlook personal storage table
file extension msfMozilla Thunderbird mail summary
file extension mhtMime HTML (MHTML) document
file extension msgSaved email message file
file extension vcardvCard contacts
file extension dbxMicrosoft Outlook Express e-mail folder
file extension p7zS/MIME compressed e-mail message
file extension msoOLE web page storage stream
file extension mboxMail mailbox
file extension abxCorel WordPerfect Mail address book
file extension emailOutlook Express Email Message file
file extension rcvEudora temporary download
file extension emixApple Mail mailbox message
file extension oasMicrosoft Outlook Attachment Sniffer data
file extension mbsOpera mailbox
file extension mabMozilla address book
file extension nwsMicrosoft Outlook Express news message
file extension sbdMozilla mail subdirectory
file extension pmmPegasus Mail mail message folder
file extension mbxE-mail mailbox
file extension ldifLDIF address book interchange format
file extension mlmNovell GroupWise saved email message
file extension pabMicrosoft Outlook Personal Address Book
file extension mailNeoPlanet mail client data
file extension gwiGroupWise link information
file extension p10S/MIME Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail data
file extension pbxOutlook Express message folder
file extension boeMicrosoft Outlook Express backup file
file extension emlxApple Mail email message
file extension listMicrosoft Entourage recipient list
file extension wdsemlMozilla Thunderbird mail message file
file extension olk14msgattachMicrosoft Outlook 2011 for Mac message attachment
file extension tnfTransport Neutral Encapsulation Format
file extension msbThe Bat! data
file extension vrge08messageMicrosoft Entourage 2008 message
file extension ldiLDAP Data Interchange Format
file extension ezmEasyOffice mail data
file extension boxFoxMail e-mail box
file extension mauMedia Attachment Unit data
file extension mailhostE-mail Server preferences
file extension pmiPegasus Mail message folder index
file extension briOpen Text FirstClass file
file extension agtPeerAgent Typed Executable E-mail data
file extension mhpMailshift Internet mail document
file extension cnmPegasus Mail new mail message
file extension tbbThe Bat! e-mail hives
file extension mbgMailbag Assistant e-mail archive file
file extension maildbMSN Mail data
file extension smpIMail Server mail message
file extension outlook97Microsoft Outlook custom mail
file extension smdMail document or message file
file extension mozemlMozilla Thunderbird mail message
file extension mmdfMulti-channel Memorandum Distribution Facility mailbox format
file extension pmxE-mail Examiner file
file extension pm1Pegasus Mail secondary address book index
file extension pmxPegasus Mail outgoing message file
file extension pmlPegasus Mail distribution list
file extension idbPocoMail index
file extension popPopMail messages index
file extension pmcPegasus Mail filter rule
file extension gmpGroupMail data
file extension vrge08contactMicrosoft Entourage 2008 contacts
file extension schdMicrosoft Email schedule
file extension pm3Pegasus Mail data
file extension bdfE-Mail Detective binary data fragment
file extension asvPegasus Mail auto saved message
file extension popAAICWpro saved pop3 mail file
file extension vrge08groupMicrosoft Entourage 2008 group file
file extension vrge08eventMicrosoft Entourage 2008 event file
file extension binaNetscape Mail file
file extension cnmKerio WinRoute Firewall electronic mail file
file extension vrge08noteMicrosoft Entourage 2008 note file

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