Code Unlock Nokia Free Org

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Unlock your Nokia phone right now with

Now you can unlock Nokia phones directly from your own android phone or tablet using our new NokiaFREE unlock software designed for android platforms, more than 2100 different devices are compatible with our android application.

We have optimized the process and simplified the number of screen you must use to unlock. In the first screen you select the nokia model phone. When you press Get Nokia Unlock Code you will get this screen:. Once time you have the unlock codes, you will need to follow this simple steps:.

Remove SIM card and turn phone on and enter unlock code in to main screen. You should try with first code, in this case #pw+249875361625160+1#. To get the p push your * key 3 times, the w is the * pushed 4 times. After entering unlock code phone will display three different messages:. SIM restriction off – when lock has been successfully removed. Code error – if entered unlock code is wrong.

Cant undo restriction – when you have tried to enter wrong codes too many times. You have only 5 tries to enter proper unlock codes! After that your phone can be unlocked only via cable, unlock codes wont work anymore!