Clownfish Autotune Vst Download

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Available for Download. Dynamics 52 Analog 44 Compressor 43 EQ 43 Vintage 36 Multi-Effect 31 Distortion 30 Modulators 29 Reverb 28 Utility 27 Filter 24 Limiter 23 Mastering 23 Vocals 21 Delay 18. Free VST effect and instrument plug-ins for Windows. By using this site you agree to its use of cookies. Learn more Close. Home Basics Downloads Support. Location: Downloads.

  1. Clownfish Autotune Vst Download Full
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  3. Autotune Vst Download
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To download all of these plug-ins in one go, visit the packages page.

Don't miss the extra plug-ins hidden on the beta page.


GChorus - Chorus effect.

GComp - Compressor.

GDelay - Delay effect.

GFader - Signal gain (-100 to 0 dB).

GGate - Gate.

Clownfish Autotune Vst Download Full

GHi - High-pass filter.

GLFO - Triple LFO effect.

GMonoBass - Bass stereo imaging effect.

Clownfish Vst Plugins

GNormal - Noise generator to avoid denormal issues.

Autotune Vst Download

GSnap - Pitch-correction.


GSinth - Mono synth using three continuous portamento sine generators.

GSinth2 - Extends GSinth by adding triangle, square and saw-tooth wave shapes.

Clownfish Autotune Vst Download



Packages - Packaged downloads.

Autotune Clownfish

Betas - Beta-release plug-ins.