China Reset Tool For Android Multi Tools Download

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  • Download Android Multi-Install Tool for Windows to install of a batch of Android application files to your Android device.
  • Highlights of Android Multi ToolsAndroid Multi Tools v1.02b freeOpen example of any Android utilizing this Android Multi Tools.Wipe the information of an And.
China Reset Tool For Android Multi Tools Download

Android Multi Tools

No matter which unlock mode you have selected, you can check the full guide here to know more details about how to use this best Android wipe data factory reset tool. Tool 2: dr.fone – Erase (Android) This Android wipe data factory reset tool can help you wipe data completely after simple deletion or factory reset.

Android multi-tools are used to reset any electronic device and unlock any mobiles. like, reset the password, pattern lock, pin & face lock, etc…

  • Reset face or pin lock
  • Reset Gmail
  • Wipe data
  • Reboot system
  • Reset face or gesture lock
  • Software and Hardware information
China Reset Tool For Android Multi Tools Download

System Requirements

Android Multi Tool Software Download

  • Windows Installed PC.
  • USB Data Cable of the device.
  • USB Driver For Android Multi Tools.

China Reset Tool For Android Multi Tools Free Download

Manual Process

  1. Check Device: This option used to check the device’s status. If you want to check your device is connected to your PC or not, then use this option to check.
  2. Reset Face/Pin Lock: If your devices are locked with a password or pin lock. Then use this option to reset the password or pin lock.
  3. Reset Face/Gesture Lock: Use this option to remove the pattern lock from your android device.
  4. Reset Gmail: This option will reset forgotten Gmail account from your android device.
  5. Wipe Data: If you want to delete all data from your device, then choose this option for wipe data.
  6. Reboot: Reboot your device in just one click. This option will reboot your device in just one click.
  7. Check Device In Fastboot Mode: If you want to check your android device in Fastboot mode, then choose this option. It will check your device in fast boot mode.
  8. Wipe Data/Cache in Fastboot Mode: ‘This option wipes all the data or cache in fast boot mode.
  9. Exit Fastboot Mode: If you want to exit Fastboot mode, then choose this option. It will exit the fast boot mode from your device.
  10. Go To Command Prompt: If you want to go to Command Prompt, then this tool allows you to go there in just a single click.
  11. Software info: If you want to check your device software info, then select this option for checking the software info of your device.
  12. Hardware Info: If you want to check your device hardware info, then select this option for checking the hardware info of your device.

Using Wipe Data

  • Power on your Computer or Laptop.
  • Next, Download the Android Multi Tools.
  • After the installation, Open the Android Tool.
  • Next, Enable USB debugging on your Android Mobile. Now, go to the Settings option.
  • Then choose to Developer Option.
  • When select the USB Debugging.
  • Now Hold down the Volume Up and Power Button [Volume Down and Power Button] on your mobile.
  • Next, you will see the Android boot mode on your mobile screen.
  • After that, Connect your mobile to your computer via USB [Universal Serial Bus].
  • Next, select Number 5 and press Enter to Reset your Android mobile.
  • Reset Done on your Android Mobile with Android tools.

You can Reset and Unlock your Android phone with Android Multi Tools for free. You don’t need any password or pattern lock or pin to unlock your mobile.

Download Android Multi Tools Latest Version

Android Multi Tools is one of the best tools to remove pattern lock from android devices. We often forget our pattern lock on our phone. Almost all of us experienced it. It is quite impossible to remove the pattern lock and access the phone once you forget the lock. You may flash your device to remove the pattern lock, but it will remove all of your data. The Multi Tools comes with a great help to remove pattern lock quickly from your phone. You can unlock your phone without flashing by this app.


  • 1 Android Multi Tools V1.02B Download
  • 2 More Feature Of Android Multi Tools

Alternative Download Link >

The multi tools can perfume some other tasks concerning its name. Besides, it comes with a lot of helpful features. On the other hand, you will able to unlock the phone without going to the servicing center. In this article, we will discuss the features of Android Multi Tools also provide the download link.

Android Multi Tools V1.02B Download

The pattern lock or pin lock is a useful feature of your phone which can secure your phone from other peoples. But when you unfortunately forget the lock, your phone becomes unusable. But the multi tool can help you to unlock your phone directly. You will not need to buy this app to use it. Moreover, this app doesn’t come with any specific version of Android or any specific manufacturer. As a result, you can unlock any android phone with it.

There are many websites where you can download the multi-tools app. But most of the site will provide you broken link or outdated version of the app. Besides, there are many sites which compress the app with malware which can harm your device. So, you should be careful in the time of downloading the app. You can download the app from our site. We will provide you the direct download and also the latest version link of this app.androidmultitools

Your computer must run on Windows XP, windows 7, windows 8 or windows 10 to run this app.

Apart from pattern and pin unlock you can do much more thing with this app. Here some top features of this app:

How to Install Android Multi Tools:

You can download the app easily. However, if you face any issues, follow the guide to install it on your pc:
At first, download the app from the link given above. Just click on the link and the download will automatically begin.

Now go to the settings and then open the developer’s option. After that, enable USB debugging of your phone. If the feature is on, then simply skip this process.


You will need to connect your phone to pc now. Use the original USB cable to connect.

Now go to the download page of your computer. Find the app file. After that, extract the file and open the extracted folder.

Now open the app. The app has a relaxed and friendly user interface. Besides, you will find all the features in the in the menu.


Click on the button given beside the feature in the interface. Then follow the instruction of the app to complete the process.

Before using the app, you will need to back up the data on your phone, because all of or your data will be removed if occurs any problem in the time of using it. You can also back up data on your phone with this app.

The Android Multi Tools is the best app for resetting pattern or pin lock easily. If you have any question about the tool, please let us know by comment. Update Tools Download Link

Download Size: 331KB

More Feature Of Android Multi Tools

  • Start ADB Server
  • Reset Gmail
  • Root
  • Unroot
  • Show Registered Gmail in Device
  • Install Apks
  • Wipe Data On Fastboot/Spreadtrum
  • Exit Fastboot Mode
  • Get Hardware info
  • Get Software info
  • Check Connection
  • ADB Help
  • Reset Face/Gesture Lock

Developers: Mehmood Riaz-Jammu & Kashmir

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