Bakugan Online Multiplayer Game

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Participate and win in the biggest Bakugan battle ever!

Bakugan heroes are on the speedrun missions where you have to help them. There are cities where Drago is placed. You need to move him with arrow keys and destroy facilities, cars and obstacles ahead. Smash them and collect tokens on your way to increase certain powers to complete the level fast. .

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  • Bakugan started as an anime and eventually morphed into a mutli product franchise.
  • Next came toys, single player video games, and finally a free to play MMORPG.
  • Players can sign up and chose from six sets of starter Bakugans.
  • To get new monsters to fight with, players can enter the code found on Bakugan toys and start using them in Bakugan Dimensions.
  • Unlike the similarly themed Nanovor, Bakugan Dimensions is a browser based game that doesn’t require a separate download.
  • Pyrus – The Aggressive attribute of Fire.
  • Pyrus Brawlers use fast attacks and attacks that ignore defense.

Pyrus Bakugan also increase their fighting power throughout a battle. Subterra – The powerful attribute of Earth. Subterra Brawlers use slow, but devastating, attacks at close range. Their strong, earthen durability gives them high defense.

Haos – The wise attribute of Light. Haos Brawlers know the importance of a strong defense. They lure their opponents in and strike hardest when they seem the weakest. Darkus – The hidden attribute of Darkness. Darkus brawlers use Gates to exhaust their enemy while building their own power base.

Aquos – The flexible attribute of Water. Aquos brawlers shape both themselves and the environment to suit the needs of the battle. Ventus – The quick attribute of Air. Ventus brawlers are always on the move. They use their incredible speed and mobility to both avoid their enemies and attack faster.

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This is sort of like a destruction game, and this destruction through the city you will cause with the Bakugan that you control, starting with only one monster, but more of them will be unlocked as you keep playing the game. To move around with your Bakugan monster you will use the arrow keys, and with the spacebar you attack.

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Try to reach one checkpoint after another, and if you can grab any power-ups along the way, don't hesitate to do it, because they can be used to make bigger attacks and cause even more destruction. At the end of each course, there is a boss Bakugan monster to battle, and if you've gathered enough power and energy, you will win! We hope that happens, we wish you good luck, and we hope to see you around since more new games are still coming for you!

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