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From this post, you could download and install the latest Android Multi Tools. There are literally a plethora of tweaks and customizations that you could carry out on your Android devices. Well, even if we talk about device protection, you could choose between gesture unlock, pin, password, or use the FRP to restrict unauthorized access to your device after a reset.

Android Multi Tools Features: (v1.02b)

However, if a user forgets this password, it might spell out trouble for you. But this is where you could make use of the Android Multi Tools.

Moreover, tech enthusiasts usually step into custom development like flashing files or unlocking the bootloader.

But for all these to be carried, they will have to boot their device to Fastboot or Recovery Mode. Some instances might also call for the deletion of data and cache.

Likewise, in some cases, they would also wish to get first-hand information related to their device’s various hardware and software components.

What is Android Multi Tools, and Why do you use it?

Get OEM drivers

  • Furthermore, these tweaks also require you to launch the Command Prompt window on your PC.
  • Well, we could go on with the plentitude of modifications that one could carry out.
  • However, carrying out the above tweaks requires many manual efforts and many different types of standalone apps or software.
  • This is where the Android Multi Tools comes in handy.
  • Using this tool, you could carry out all the aforementioned tasks right under one roof. In this guide, we will be sharing the download link as well as the complete installation steps.
  • But first, let’s check out more about the Android Multi Tools.
  • Android Multi Tools Features: (v1.02b). Android Multi Tools allows you to carry out a wide array of tasks spread across varied domains.

Android USB Drivers

  • First, you could easily reset the Face Unlock, Pin Unlock, and Password from your device if you end up forgetting them.
  1. Along the same lines, you could reset your Gmail Password and bypass the FRP Lock.
  2. Furthermore, you could also delete cache and data from your device with just a single click.
  3. If you plan to boot your device to Fastboot, Bootloader, or Recovery mode, this tool has streamlined the entire process.
  • Likewise, getting hold of your device’s details like the CPU Architecture, Android version, RAM allocation, etc., could also be done within this tool itself.
  • Well, you could even launch the Command prompt on your PC using this tool.
  • All in all, you could consider Android Multi Tools as a one-stop place to meet all your smartphone needs.

Download Android USB Driver

  • Remove device data easily. Reset PIN or password or pattern or face lock of any Android device.
  • Get your device software/hardware details. Install device drivers easily.
  • ByPass the phone FRP (Factory Reset Protection) Lock.
  • You can perform the One-Click Reset option.
  • Restart your handset via this tool. Check device in Fastboot mode.
  • Wipe data/cache on fastboot mode. Exit from fastboot mode. Open the command prompt. Upgrade/downgrade the stock firmware on your phone.
  • You will require a Windows PC/Laptop. [Windows XP/2007/8/10].
  • A working internet connection is required. Keep your device battery charged at least up to 50% for a smoother process.
  • A USB cable is required to connect your device with the computer.
  • Go to the device Settings and enable Developer options and USB debugging.

Install a USB driver

(Check the guide). Now, connect your device with the Windows computer via a USB cable.

How to Install Android USB Driver?

Download the Android Multi Tools v1.02b on your PC and install it normally as an administrator.

If the tool asks for any permissions, allow all the permissions.

How to use Android Multi Tools (v1.02b)

Now, follow the onscreen instructions and complete the installation process. Open the tool and perform any task accordingly, whichever is required.

I hope this guide will help you skip some hard ways to fix some of the Android issues. If you have any queries, let us know in the comments below.

Windows 10

ADB or “Android Debug Bridge” is an interface between your computer and Android smartphone.

This tool allows you to send a wide array of terminal commands-including but basic shell commands along with some specialty developer command to your phone anytime.

    1. You can send commands when the phone is turned on and booted or even when it is in recovery mode.
    1. ADB is often associated with rooting or modifying your phone, but you can use it to send terminal commands to unrooted devices as well.
    1. If your android device is still not detected by your computer even after installing ADB & Fastboot, then try installing PDANet drivers from below.
    1. Update: You can also install ADB & Fastboot drivers by directly installing Minimal ADB & Fastboot.
    1. If it does not work for you then you can try the whole method illustrated below.
    1. It is always advisable to manually install Android USB drivers on your PC.
    1. You don’t know when the need arises for you or for somebody else.
  1. Follow the below step to install Android USB driver.